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Chrome plug-in demo, uses js to call chrome api to clear browser cache, chromejs

Chrome plug-in demo, uses js to call chrome api to clear browser cache, chromejs A simple chrome plug-in demonstration mainly involves page scripts, content scripts, communication between background scripts, and api calls. On this, other

Google Chrome modified cookies to access the Web page widget--editsthiscookie

process directly search the estimate page cannot open, here Send the link.1. Open the Extension program,2. Click on the developer mode and the button below will appear.3. Click on the unzipped extension program, then select the Editthiscookie plugin package that you just downloaded, or simply pull the plugin package into the pop-up selection file box and click OK to install it.4. After installation, there will be a plugin icon in the upper left corner of the browser.Editthiscookie using:This pl

How to clear ie cache, history, and cookies

Today, the customer strongly urged to add the IE cache clearing function to the software. Well, it's done with batch processing,CodeIt's quite disgusting. Remember it. Java code: String cmd = " CMD/K set \ " Z = Hkcu \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Shell Folders \ " For % A in (Cache history cookies) Do (for/f \ "

Chrome Google Browser How to clear the specified website cookie

Https:// the case of using a computer, due to some of the site's cookie problems caused by the failure of some of the functions, so it is necessary to remove the cookie to use the continued function, then do not want to clear all cookies, so clear the function of the specified cookie.Tools/Materials

Modify Google Chrome installation directory, cache path, user favorite path at any time

Google's browser was initially installed on the C drive, but it was not a problem. Recently found to occupy more and more large, then decided to move it to another plate. Online articles are either too damndest, complicated, or too wordy. Therefore, we hereby simplify the explanation. 1. In fact, it took some time and the new installation of Google browser to move to another hard drive method is the same drop. Only after a while, the "User Data" fold

Summary C # Two ways to clear the cookies for the IE temporary file cache

Like what:Temporary Internet Files (Temporary Internet file)RunDll32.exe Inetcpl.cpl,clearmytracksbyprocess 8 CookiesRunDll32.exe inetcpl.cpl,clearmytracksbyprocess 2 History (historical records)RunDll32.exe inetcpl.cpl,clearmytracksbyprocess 1 Form. Data (Form information)RunDll32.exe inetcpl.cpl,clearmytracksbyprocess 16 Passwords (password)RunDll32.exe Inetcpl.cpl,clearmytracksbyprocess 32 Delete all (remove all)RunDll32.exe inetcpl.cpl,clearmytracksbyprocess 255 Delete all-"Also deletes file

How do I clear the DNS cache for my Chrome browser?

This is a problem that bothers me for a long time. I developed front-end code under the Mac, and since HTML5 development became the focus of work, Chrome has gradually replaced Firefox as the preferred browser.As a front-end dever, switching the local host environment is a natural and frequent matter, such as the domain name is in the local environment a while to the QA environment, while pointing to the production environment. Window

Google Chrome Browser Cache extraction cannot find path error 3 solution

When I recently used this tool, I was prompted: Error 3: The system could not find the specified path After my research, I found this problem because every time I run Chromecacheview, I automatically detect Google Chrome's cache directory and modify the configuration file's location on the cached directory. But this automatic detection is not very easy to use.In the 24th row of the configuration file (v

Google browser to clear cache and keyword search history

This is because we search for some words in the browser, such as learning to worry about the diameter symbol after the search, there will be a diameter symbol of the cache, so if someone in the input diameter symbol will be in the Drop-down search box to see that we have to find the key word diameter symbol. As shown in the figure: Of course, here is a relatively simple way to move the mouse in the diameter symbol above the word, in the f

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