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"01" page to clear the history of browsing records can be completely deleted browsing history?

No......Even if you delete all the records, you can use data recovery tools to retrieve them.Even if you cover n times with professional tools to make sure the data can't be recovered, the Web site also has a memory of which IP has visited what time.

Teach you to quickly clear IE7.0 browsing history

Most of the time, whether for the sake of computer performance or data security considerations, we often need to promptly clear the browser's history, including browser caching, recorded cookies, history, passwords and so on. Generally speaking, in

How do I clear the browsing history of IE in Windows Phone?

Since Microsoft launched Windows Phone, there have been some users using Windows Phone. The Windows Phone system's built-in IE browser extends some of the features of IE on the PC side, including the automatic saving of user browsing records, which

How to clear ie cache, history, and cookies

Today, the customer strongly urged to add the IE cache clearing function to the software. Well, it's done with batch processing,CodeIt's quite disgusting. Remember it. Java code: String cmd = " CMD/K set \ " Z = Hkcu \ Software \

Let's see how the paranoid manages Cookies.

When using Web browsers, most people do not manage cookies in any form. The browser only accepts all cookies and saves them until they expire-if so. For a while, it seems that everyone is concerned about the tracing of cookies, but this time has

Clear web browsing traces

-- History clearingAlthough Computers are becoming more and more popular, it is still far from reaching the requirement of one employee in many units. For some reasons, it is still common for a computer to be used by you, by me, or by everyone.

Use VC to clear browsing traces

Use VC to clear browsing traces [Author: Tang can and Yu Zhicheng: 12:10:21] Browsing on the computer always leaves some traces. Manual cleanup is really annoying. So let's use programming to clear browsing traces once and for all. 1.

C # System Application of the removal of cookies, ie temporary files, historical records reproduced article is mainly about the project "software for the use of records of personal computers" in the article about clearing browser cookies, ie temporary files, recent usage history and so on.

HTTP protocol (vii) cookies

Cookies are very important things in the HTTP protocol, and I learned a lot by reading "cookie" written by Fish Li. This article of fish is too classic to write. So I don't have much content in this article.Recently I'm going to write a series of

How to delete the Mac version of Safari browsing record?

How to delete the Mac version of Safari browsing record? Sometimes we do not want to leave traces when we use the browser to browse the Web. In fact, it is very simple, you can set the deletion on the browser. The following Mac version Safari

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