clearcase linux commands

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Building a flexible Rational ClearCase system using HTTP network technology, part 1th

Monitoring the Rational ClearCase run state in a Web browser Developing a Web browser-based ClearCase monitoring program using the Java Language and Web 2.0 technology Rational Clearcase is a comprehensive suite of software configuration

Comparison of git and clearcase advantages and disadvantages

Git is the source code management software recently implemented by Linus Torvalds. Git is a fast and Scalable Distributed version control system. It has a rich set of commands and provides advanced operations and full access to internal

Clearcase command Guide

Clearcase command guide is mainly used in Linux. 1. Basic operations 1.1. Help CT help 1.2. Abbreviations CT clearcase CO check out UNCO undo check out CI check in Mkview make View Sview set view Mkbrtype make branch type Mklbtype make label type

"Turn" BitKeeper and Linux,git prehistoric trivia relationship between BitKeeper and Linux, which lasted for several years, eventually fell into the Hollywood star marriage-style finale. They used to complement each other, but finally came to this point of

Common SVN commands

ArticleDirectory 1.1. What is version control? 1.2. Benefits of using Version Control 1.3. Common Version Control Systems 3.1. Subversion Installation 3.2. Server Side 3.3. Client 4.1. file lock 4.2. Version library

Source Control--git (distributed versioning vs. centralized versioning, git vs. svn, git common commands, build GitHub remote repositories, build Oschina remote repositories)

One, git introduction what is git? Git is an open source Distributed version Control tool in all of the world's distributed version control tools, Git is the fastest, simplest, and most popular git origin author is the father of Linux: Linus

Version tool management----GIT

How to view hidden folders:If you don't see the. git directory, you need to make the hidden files visible. This is done by opening a terminal window and entering the following command:Defaults write appleshowallfiles TRUEIn order to

Jenkins continuous integration software version released, jenkins Software Version

Jenkins continuous integration software version released, jenkins Software Version1. What is jenkins? Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration tool written in Java. After a dispute with Oracle, the project will be reviewed from the Hudson

[Go] using Git for small project code management

Http:// the company used the SVN (no feeling) and ClearCase (the thing that people are disgusting) two versions of control tools, are not satisfied. Later I wanted to write something to play, and found this in

Open-source comments: Introduction to the source code version control system

This article is "Daily build [4]: related tools.Because the source code version control system (RvS) is a "Daily build process ",This is the first step, so when I am introducing the related tools built on a daily basis, I will first talk about the

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