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From C ++ to C ++/CLI

Liu weipeng (pongba)/Wen   It seems that only one "/CLI" is written after C ++, but its meaning is far more than that, Google's c ++. for this reason, the moderated version has also started a discussion for several weeks. Most people in China are

C ++/CLI introduction (what is C ++/CLI) --- C ++/CLI programming Series 1

From: To understand what C ++/CLI is, first know what CLI is. 1. Introduction to CLI CLI :( common language infrastructure, universal language framework) provides a set of

Perfect C ++: C ++/CLI

What is C ++/CLI? C ++, of course, refers to the C ++ language invented by Bjarne Stroustrup In the BELL lab. It implements a static object model with optimized speed and size during runtime, however, in addition to heap allocation, it does not

List of CLI languages

Http:// The CLI language is the computer language used to create libraries and programs that comply with the common language infrastructure. Except for some obvious exceptions, the vast majority of CLI

[C ++/CLI Programming Guide] [2] What is C ++/CLI language?

For C ++/CLI, we can divide its name into two parts. First, C ++, we are familiar with the currently widely used advanced language of the object-oriented ISO International Standard, also known as ISOC ++, which we will call ISOC ++ later. Second,

[C + +/CLI Programming Cookbook] [2] What is the C + +/CLI language

For what is C + +/CLI, we can first simply divide its name into two parts to understand, first, C + +, we are familiar with the now widely used high-level language of the object-oriented ISO international standard, also known as isoc++, we hereafter

[C ++/CLI Programming Guide] [3] What can c ++/CLI do?

What we saw last time is C ++/CLI, we know that C ++/CLI actually contains three parts: ISOC ++, for CLI.. Net extension and the seamless connection between the first two. This is the last time that we have discussed three issues that readers are

Application of Curl and Php-cli "CLI chapter"

Common Application of the CLI What is PHP-CLI PHP-CLI is php Command Line Interface the abbreviation, that is, the PHP command line interface, under Windows and Linux are supported PHP-CLI mode; Why to use PHP-CLI Multithreaded applications

PHP basic CLI mode development does not require a detailed introduction of any Web server

PHPCLI mode development does not require any Web server (including Apache or MSIIS), so that CLI can run in various scenarios. There are two ways to run the PHPCLI script. Reprinted, please specify the source: PHP Basics: CLI mode development does

Perfect C++:C++/CLI.

What is C++/CLI? C + +, of course, refers to the C + + language invented by Bjarne Stroustrup in Bell Labs, which implements the static object model of speed and size optimization at run time, but it allows unlimited access to the underlying device,

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