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Data Beauty 4: 20 outstanding infographic websites

Infographic is a technology used to visually display information data.(Upper, Bottom), The beauty of data (3)And so onThis article introduces many beautiful inofgraphics. This article selects 20 websites related to infographic.Readers can find many amazing beautiful pictures there. Infographic is generally translated as a data chart in China.Information is beautiful Visual compelxity Flowing Data I

Various infographic Application Notes

display.The number of label characters is not limited, but the label is separated from the pie chart and needs to be read against.Figure 2-25 separation of values and labels displayThe Interactive Action Toggle tab is displayed in the blank of the circular pie.Blank parts are not affected by tile size, and labels and values can be displayed together. Suitable for emphasizing the value of a slice. The relationship between the label and the slice needs to have interactive instructions, and the da

13 Useful infographic making tools

How does a lot of data and information show up? The answer, of course, is the infographic. The information map has been popular for several years, but it is a minority to do well enough. Combining the rigor of fun, entertainment, vision and data with the reliability of information is a great test of the ability of designers and editors to have a brain hole. We have previously sent information map design techniques, but also sent the

Qt make clickable label making a clickable label control

(Qmouseevent *Event);};#endif //Qtclickablelabel_hQtclickablelabel.cpp" qtclickablelabel.h " Qtclickablelabel::qtclickablelabel (const QString text, Qwidget *parent) : Qlabel ( Parent) { this,*parent) : Qlabel (parent) {}qtclickablelabel::~ Qtclickablelabel () {} void Qtclickablelabel::mousedoubleclickevent (Qmouseevent *event) { emit clicked ();}If you want to implement capturing mouse click events, simply add the following code:void Qtclickablelabel::mousepressevent (Qmouseevent *

HTML uses the map and area properties to create image links and create clickable image hot areas __html

You can position a few points on a picture and then create a clickable hot spot to form a clickable area, which is often used on some shopping sites, very simple and very useful: First, you will want to display the picture, using HTML tags to display it in the page, the code is simple, do not explain too much. But here's a key, less commonly used attribute, which is usemap, which specifies the map you want

Translate URL addresses in text to clickable links JavaScript, PHP custom functions _javascript Tips

These days in writing a small program, you need to use regular expressions to match the user input text URL address, and then replace the URL address can be clicked on the link. URL address Matching, I think this should be done in the validation process is often used, here is the integration of a relatively complete expression of my expressions: Copy Code code as follows: var URL =/(https?:\ /\/|ftps?:\ /\/)? ((\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}) (: [0-9]+)? | (localhost) (: [0-

Python login cacti crawl service infographic auto send weekly

') file_object.write ( ()) elifcount== 2:file_object=open (' Img/186-1week-cpuload.png ', 'WB ') file_object.write ( ()) elifcount==3: file_object=open (' img/186-1week-network.png ', ' WB ') file_object.write ( ()) elifcount==4: file_object=open (' img/186-1week-memory.png ', ' WB ') file_object.write ( ()) defaddimg (Src,imgid): #添加图片函数, parameter 1: Picture path, Parameter 2: Picture Idfp=open (SRC, ' RB ') #打开文件 msgimage=mimeimage ( ()) #创建MIME

TextView the clickable value is still false when the onclick attribute is added to the XML file.

Let's look at how the clickable and onclick are defined in view: Case if false ) {|= clickable; | = clickable; } break;The above code is the definition of the

Why does the onclick attribute of textview add clickable settings?

In I mentioned four onclick implementation methods. I like the fourth one, that is, configuration in XML files, which is simple for everyone. So I tried textview and button to make a simple demo. It is found that it is easy to use when the button is used, but not when used as textview. When textview. setonclicklinstener is used? The source code is the best mentor-this is what the fat brother told me, so I used F3 and F4

Convert URL addresses in text into clickable JavaScript and PHP udfs _ javascript tips-js tutorial

This article mainly describes how to convert the URL address in the text into JavaScript and PHP udfs with clicklinks. If you need a small program, refer to the following days, you need to use a regular expression to match the URL address in the user input text, and then replace the URL address with a clickable link. URL address matching. I think this is often used in verification. Here we will give a complete expression that I have integrated: The

Paragraph to match the URL, and converted to a clickable URL, do you have any good way?

Given a paragraph of text, the text contains a URL, how to extract the URL, and replace the clickable copy. Example: A copy: 欢迎来到,多谢指教! Post-conversion copywriting: 欢迎来到,多谢指教! Do you have any good ideas? Reply content: Given a paragraph of text, the text contains a URL, how to extract the URL, and replace the clickable copy. Example: A cop

Android clickable and focusable

Setclickable (), as if the control button can be clicked and clicked after the listener event is triggered.Setfocusable (); controls whether the keyboard can get the focus of this button. (I press the arrow key on the physical keyboard and the button is selected)Today want to use the method of setting background to change the background of linearlayout when clicked, found not good use, originally did not set clickable, to summarize."1.0"encoding="Utf-

Element is not clickable on point error in Chrome

I see this only in Chrome.The full error message reads: "Org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException:Element is not clickable on point (411, 675). Other element would receive the click: ... " The element that ' would receive the click ' was to the side of the element in question, not on top of it and not overlapping It, not moving around the page.I have tried adding a offset, but this does not the work either. The item is on the displayed win

HTML & lt; map & gt; tag-create an image ing with clickable areas, map Images

HTML Definition and usage Define a client image ing. Image-map refers to an image with clickable areas. All mainstream browsers support Note: The area element is always nested inside the map element. The area element defines areas in image ing. The usemap attribute in can reference the id or name attribute in Instance Image ing with clickable areas: The effect is as follows (you can click to view the eff

Selenium invoke JS operation scroll bar (Java) to resolve the element not clickable problem

Today, when you run an Automation use case, you find that an element always hints at not clickable. The reason for the analysis is probably the big top icon in the bottom right corner of the page, just blocking the element I want to click. To solve it, you have to pull the page, you need to manipulate the scroll bar on the page.A relatively simple method is used, which is documented here:    Javascriptexecutor js= (javascriptexecutor) driver;String hi

Reactnative Study Notes (vii) usage and clickable components of the--ref attribute

( This example is, in the Reftest component, by clicking the button to resize size, in Reftestfather, through the Reftest component's ref attribute, get the component itself, call Reftest GetSize () method, so as to get size. Components can also be obtained by: this.refs[' reftest '. Or when you define a ref attribute in a component label, you can write ref={reftest=>this.reftest=reftest}; The components can then be obtained by This.reftest. Two, cl

Jquery-dialog Button Set gray non-clickable action

Vareditupdate=function () {varappid=process_appid;$ ("#editupdate"). Dialog (' option ', ' appId ', appId); Vardlg=document.getelementbyid ("Editupdate");varelements= Dlg.getelementsbytagname ("INPUT") for (i=0;i650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Xiugai.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1wtq8exccmnaaeeycvpnay693.jpg "/>Jquery-dialog Button Set gray non-clickable action

The focus issues involved in Android, focusable,clickable,enabled

focus."The TextView of the head here is actually not on top, as the individual thinks not. Because when I set the focus two property of the head to False, I was able to click.(PS: The default android:focusable= "false " android:focusableintouchmode= "false" these two properties are false).My judgment here is: When you configure the focusable attribute for view, the same time is also setonclicklistener, assuming that the other edittext get the focus, Then when you click on a view that can be foc

The Java Swing thread performs the task (otherwise the interface is always in a non-clickable state)

/** * uses the thread interrupt application in the swing progress bar to call JProgressBar's SetValue () method in Run (). * The Java Swing thread performs the task (otherwise the interface is always in a non-clickable state)

The Android implementation adds multiple clickable text to the TextView _android

This example shows a way to add multiple clickable text to TextView in Android. This feature is very useful in the production of Android social software. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Most of the time we use social software in the process of more or less for others to praise the post, as shown in the following figure: You can see that the user page displays just the name of the user who clicked on it, and clicking

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