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Real-time exchange rate conversion using yahoo exchange rate interface Example Exchange Rate Converter _ php instance

This article describes how to use the yahoo Exchange Rate Interface to implement real-time exchange rate conversion. For more information, see the following code: The Code is as follows: Function getExchangeRate ($ from_Currency, $ to_Currency){$ Amount = urlencode ($ amount );$ From_Currency = urlencode ($ from_Currency );$ To_Currency = urlencode ($ to_C

The website conversion rate is low. How can we increase the website conversion rate?

First of all, we need to understand the low rate of conversion of a website under what conditions, small knitting to the situation mainly divided into the tourist time and the rate of jump out of our site, Below we can be made up of a website data screenshot can be seen, small part of the site to stay the longest length of 120.38S, the shortest 21.42

Currency exchange rate conversion in Windows Phone 7 "currency exchange rate in the Palm" currency exchanger, supports conversion of more than 150 currencies in the world, all free Chinese app

I searched for the exchange rate application on the marketplace and found that most of them can only be converted to the other at the same time. Therefore, I wrote the currencyexchanger that can convert multiple currencies at the same time. This article will serve as the release page of currency exchanger. V1.6 update: -Added: each live tile supports conversion of up to four currencies.-Added: mobile phone

PV, UV, number of visits, bounce rate, conversion rate, average length of visit

is a problem or the site is a problem with the program. The number of visits will generally be greater than visitors. 5. What is the view amount (PV) The number of views and visits is echoed. When a user visits a Web site, it is recorded as 1 PV for each page opened. The same page is accessed more than once, and the amount of browsing is cumulative. The higher the number of views on a website, the higher the popularity of the site, the more users like the content. It doesn't make much sense to

Using Yahoo exchange rate interface to realize real-time exchange rate conversion example

This article mainly introduces the use of Yahoo exchange rate interface to achieve real-time exchange rate conversion example, we refer to the use of the bar The code is as follows: The code is as follows: function getexchangerate ($from _currency, $to _currency) { $amount = Urlencod E ($amount); $from _currency = UrlEncode ($from _currency); $to _c

Example of real-time exchange rate conversion using yahoo Exchange Rate Interface

This article describes how to use the yahoo Exchange Rate Interface to implement real-time exchange rate conversion. For more information, see the following code: Function getExchangeRate ($ from_Currency, $ to_Currency) {$ amount = urlencode ($ amount); $ from_Currency = urlencode ($ from_Currency); $ to_Currency = urlencode ($ scheme ); $ url = "download.fin

Talking about how to excavate the long tail key words with high conversion rate

In the website optimization, the long tail keyword brings the flow is not the main keyword traffic is high, but the long tail keyword has no characteristics of the main keyword, that is, the conversion rate is high, users search long tail keywords have a clear purpose, and through the optimization of such search terms can make the site conversion

You want the flow or the conversion rate?

Site positioning determines the site's optimization ideas and strategies, traffic stations are focused on how to get more traffic, the focus of the product station is how to sell more products, the two are decidedly different, the operation is small with great differences. As the product station must have the flow first, secondly can talk about the conversion rate, the amount of traffic does not have a cle

About Ksps (A/D conversion rate Unit) __ Circuit knowledge

Kilo samples per Second represents a sampling of thousands of times a second, which is the unit of conversion rate.The so-called conversion rate (conversion Rate) refers to the reciprocal of the time required to complete an ad conversion

How to improve the conversion rate of Baidu bidding landing page in medical industry

A lot of medical industry will take the SEO route or Baidu bidding, if you want to know how to do bidding landing page, I recommend you read under the "Medical profession website editing tips of the auction article editor." But a lot of medical industry found that opened the bidding, how no conversion rate, the number of special visits, one months to throw out tens of thousands of, or even a hundred thousan

Improve mobile website conversion rate: Large font Simplification program

The high conversion rate of the website represents the amount of Gao Ying received. At present, online retailer's conversion rate is much between 2%~3%. If the electric business wants to improve the network performance, it can start with optimizing the conversion

SEO team Work to create the maximum conversion rate of enterprise station

has done or operated the Enterprise station Seoer or stationmaster all knew, the enterprise station is one relies on the conversion rate to make a living the website. If a business station has the rank to have the flow, the conversion rate is very low is a very sad thing. The author has also studied the enterprise stat

Which pictures can be used to improve the conversion rate effectively? is an online mother and child retail project, with a 27% increase in the 360° mapping conversion rate. In the past, their websites used traditional two-dimensional images, such as a woman in a maternity outfit, to stand in front of one another. Add 360° rotation to the picture, when the shopper browses the Product Details page, the picture is rotated automatically, on these pages the sel

Study the conversion rate of the website the first step starts with the keyword selection

The success of a website is not how many keywords you have in the search engine's home page, but see these row in the first page of the keyword is not to your site to bring conversion rate, bring how many conversion rate, this is the measure of a site is the best standard of success. There are a lot of factors affectin

Enterprise Station to obtain conversion rate needs to start from the overall optimization details

Now more and more enterprises have taken a bid or SEO way to improve their website traffic, eager to get the real conversion rate, but the fact is often not so. Whether it is to do the bidding or through the SEO to some key words to achieve the home page, the flow is very few, the conversion rate is poor. Therefore, on

Huangcong: Do you know what the conversion rate of your keywords is?

A lot of people do stand very blind, just simple to see which key words flow big to do, lucky people may spend a few months to do up, have a bit of income, and some people do the keyword, but found that the flow is not considerable, the volume is very small, but no reason to find out. This is a lot of webmaster do not statistics keyword conversion rate of habit caused by the consequences. How to calculate

Xu Zi rain: website keyword formulation strategy conversion rate is the King

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. For the optimization of the site, back and forth has been more than ten, for the optimization of the site really more or less have some experience, experience is not hidden in the heart of the secret, experience is to be taken out to share. For the optimization of the site sometimes we really can not simply use the keyword ranking to illustrate the problem, these are not the key, because sometimes keyword ranking is good, and does not necessarily hav

How to improve the registration conversion rate by up to 12% through design?

their own data and figure out how to use design to solve the essence of the problem; Directly throws our team of data using a set of design methods to "identify data targets – dig deep data – fast Agile validation design – ensure true and efficient":   I. Determination of data targets Some time ago our product director to find my slot registration process design is too bad, so I must make a good change. But he is nothing but the text is not beautiful, the button is too small, the map is not

Website Optimization results Test experience from the analysis of site conversion rate of departure

How to judge if optimization is good or not? How to identify if the optimization is in place? Today I come to talk about my website optimization experience, in my opinion, site optimization is not only to see a site rankings and traffic, but should focus on the core of optimization, why do we want to optimize the site? Because we need to improve the conversion rate of the website, So is your site optimized

SEO conversion rate = Follow-up demand + implicit demand + trend demand

SEO conversion rate is the whole site optimization process is the most difficult and most important thing, but everyone needs to do this thing well, the author engaged in three SEO experience, although the Simple keyword ranking is not a problem. But a mention of the conversion rate of the site has nothing to say, I be

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