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Git client command summary under Linux

If not specified, ' $ ' means execution under the Linux terminal command lineOne. Install gitLinux Fedora Series installation command: $ sudo yum install gitLinux Debian Series installation command: $ sudo apt-get install gitTwo. Configure

Git tutorial-Conceptual principle use

hint: Look at the way this article, do not understand the first skip, read the length of the following may be understood. git and GitHub concept Git---version control tool (command). Tool Introduction Official Website: Tool

CentOS 6.5 + Git + Gitosis build Git Server

Environment: Git Sserver IP: Git Client IP: ----------------------------------------- Recommended reading: Fedora downloads Git through Http Proxy Install Git on Ubuntu Server Create a Git repository on the server

Git Easy Tutorial

OverviewBefore we describe what git is, we need to make a basic overview of versioning (version control), which, in general, is managed and maintained on two dimensions of time and space, and the code itselfAnd the project files of the organization

Common git commands

Initializing configuration C code #配置使用git仓库的人员姓名 git config--global "Your name Comes here" #配置使用git仓库的人员email git config--global [email protected] #配置到缓存 default 15 minutes git config--global

Git server setup and Client installation, git setup

Git server setup and Client installation, git setup Outline: I. Preface 2. Build a Git Server Install the Git server in yum Create a git user to run the git Service Create a client logon Certificate Initialize Git Repository Disable shell

Git server construction and client installation in CentOS

Outline: 1. Preface 2. build a Git server yum install Git server create a git User to run git Service create client login certificate initialize Git repository disable shell login clone remote repository 3. install client Outline: I. Preface 2.

Git basic commands

Go from Initialize configuration C code #配置使用git仓库的人员姓名 git config--global "Your name Comes here" #配置使用git仓库的人员email git config--global [email protected] #配置到缓存 default 1

"Reprint" Git common Command collation

Git Common Command CollationBlog Category: Ubuntu/mac/github/aptana/nginx/shell/linux Initializing configuration C code #配置使用git仓库的人员姓名 git config--global "Your name Comes here" #配置使用git仓库的人员email git

Git beginners-instruction operation tutorial

Git is a distributed version control system, which is easy to operate and set from the rack. This article mainly describes basic operations and terminal operations. TIPS: git is too busy. Just take this article as a beginner.Attention It can be seen

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