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Photoshop creates a beautiful Starlight paint effect tutorial

We will give you a detailed analysis of the photoshop software and share with you the tutorials on creating beautiful Starlight paint effects.Tutorial sharing:1. Create a 50*50 pixel document for drawing Starlight. The parameters are shown in the following figure. Of course, the parameters can be changed, but this is just a paint brush and the paint brush does no

Use the ps paint brush repair tool to show the effect of blurred images-ps tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use the ps paint brush repair tool to show the effect of pictures. the blurred state created by the tutorial is very beautiful, and the tutorial is relatively basic, it is very suitable for beginners to learn. we recommend that you come and take a look at this

Photoshop to make a dancer tutorial in Paint

Photoshop Production method Description: A material splicing tutorial, use pull figure stitching, hue adjustment, layer overlay and so on, will bottle, paint splash and dancer shape material selection processing for stitching. Snail Studio self-assessment: has achieved very successful visual effects, creativity is also very good, and the appropriate theme

PS repair paint brush remove the shooting date on the photo-PS tutorial

We usually take the camera out for a visit. we can't wait to take a picture when we often see the beautiful scenery. after we take the photo, we find that there is a time date displayed on the photo. what should we do if we want to remove these time dates? The following small series will introduce you to how to use the PS restoration brush to remove the shooting date on the photo. let's take a look at it. we usually take the camera out for play, and we can't wait to take it when we see the beaut

Comic Studio Comics character making and graphic tutorial

The tutorial on the use of comic Studio (CS) is quite a lot, and the software itself has a flash version with a voice tutorial. In this regard, the "tools of their respective functions", "What this panel is doing", "that brush how to set up" and so on Nisay not much to repeat. This tutorial is about the process of desc

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