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FILE descriptor and FILE, FILE descriptor FILE

FILE descriptor and FILE, FILE descriptor FILE1. file descriptor (important) In Linux, everything can be viewed as a file, which can be divided into common files, directory files, link files, and device files. File descriptor is an index created by

File descriptor and Server programming descriptor in Server programming

File descriptor and Server programming descriptor in Server programming In linux, everything is a file, and all underlying layers are blocked through the Virtual File System (VFS) mechanism. Users can perform operations on different drivers through

Linux system Programming--copy of File descriptor DUP () and dup2 () "Go"

This article was reproduced from: () and dup2 () are two very useful system calls that are used to copy the descriptor of a file so that the new file descriptor also identifies the file

Make a little progress every day the relationship between the file description descriptor and the open file in--linux

Reprint please indicate source: OverviewIn the Linux system, everything can be considered as a file, and the file can be divided into: Ordinary files, folder files, linked files and device files.

VC + + file descriptor and kernel file handle handle__c++

VC + + file descriptor and kernel file handle handle This article describes the C language in VC + + using the code file descriptor (file descriptor), the relationship between the kernel file handle handle, and the conversion function between the

File descriptor and Kernel File handle of VC ++

File descriptor and Kernel File handle of VC ++ This article describes the relationship between C language in VC ++ and the kernel file handle using the code file descriptor (file descriptor), and the conversion function _ get_osfhandle between the

Basics of Linux programming (III): file descriptor and inode knowledge

Each process has a task_struct struct in the Linux kernel to maintain process-related information, known as process descriptor. In operating system theory, it is called a process control block (PCB, process control block ). Task_struct has a pointer

Linux programming file and IO (I): file descriptor, open, close

Input/output is the process of copying data between the primary and external devices. Device> memory (input operation) Memory-> device (output Operation) Advanced I/O The standard I/O library provided by ansi c is called Advanced I/O, also known

[Go] linux System file stream, file descriptor and process relationship between the detailed

Http:// Linux (Unix) process is intricately related to files, and this tutorial attempts to elaborate on this issue. include: 1, Linux multi/single process and multi/single file on the use of file

Linux file descriptor

In the Linux general-purpose I/O model,I/OThe Action series function (System call) is expanded around an integer called a file descriptor. This begs the question: what does this integer mean? Does a value represent a file? Just pass an integer in

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