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Easyui tabs open a new tabs close the current tabs

Easyui implementation close the current tabs open a new tabs //through the following code implementation Title Title URL Web address function testaddsubpage (title,url) { var jq = Top.jquery; if (JQ ("#tabs"). Tabs (' exists ', title) { JQ (

Jquery easyui tabs: After the IFRAME page is successfully added, close the window and set the tabs to be selected.

Procedure: 1. The IFRAME page outputs scripts in the background and calls the js method of the parent page. String retjs = " "; Page. registerstartupscript ("message", retjs ); 2. Execute JS on the parent page. A Success prompt is displayed. Close the pop-up window and set the current operation tabs to the selected one. // Set the Selected tabFunction setselectedtab (tabtitle ){ $. Messager. Alert ('s

Jquery ui 1.7 ui. tabs dynamic addition and closure (Button close + double-click Close)

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:$ (Document). ready (function (){$ ('# Tabs'). tabs ({add: addEventHandler}); // bind the addEventHandler event to the tabs Block$ ('# Newtabs'). click (addTab );})Var tabCounter = 1;Function addTab (){If (tabCounter> 6 ){Alert ('tabs can not more than 6! ');Return;}$ ('$ ('#

Implement jquery Easyui tabs tab close icon after load custom event

When you close the Tabs tab in the project, the bottom footer need to reposition Calcfooter () via JavaScript, how do I do that? The Close icon on the tab is Easyui, Calcfooter () does not work in OnClose, there is no closed method in the API, but there is a method onbeforeclose before closing, In the Onbeforeclose method, implement the OnClose () method first, t

jquery-ui-1.11.4 tabs dynamic Add and close

var tabs = $ ("#tabs"). tabs (); varTabcount=0; functionJqui_addtab (tabid,url,caption) {if($ ("#tabs-" +tabid). length==0) {Tabcount++; varPanelid = Tabs.find (". Ui-tabs-active"). attr ("Aria-controls") ); Tabs.find ('. Ui-tabs-

JQuery Easyui implementation Close all tabs

Sometimes when we open many tabs tabs, to turn it off it can only be turned off one by oneObviously too cumbersome, you can add a button to the right of the tab to implement close all.The code is as follows::Note: The above code is all copied to the HTML file to run, because the CSS, JS files are introduced online, if the load is too slowYou can introduce your ow

Implement jquery EasyUI tabs tab to close the icon and then load custom events. jqueryeasyui

Implement jquery EasyUI tabs tab to close the icon and then load custom events. jqueryeasyui When the tabs tab is closed, the bottom footer needs to use javascript to reposition calcFooter (). How can this problem be achieved? The method for closing the icon on the tab is easyui. The method for writing calcFooter () in onClose does not work. The method for closi

WPF adaptive can close TabControl browser-like tabs

TabControl items, all assigned this mean.It is important to note that if all items have a size that is greater than or equal to the parent's size, items will wrap and feel a bit ugly. So I took the operation of the parent run width-5, so that never arrives at the boundary, and does not break the line.But can also rewrite TabControl control template, put Hrader container replaced StackPanel will not change line, I just think the above method is relatively simple.Parent size Changecan be monitore

Implementation of several tabs in Android

Implementation of several tabs in Android After learning Android for a long time, I will summarize the implementation methods of several tabs today. Implementation Method 1: ViewPage implementation First, create a top. xml layout and a bottom. xml layout, and then add Top. xml Bottom. xml

Android official navigation bar Actionbar (ii) detailed usage of--action View, Action Provider, Navigation tabs

", Toast.length_short). Show (); return true; }}The effect is as follows: Third, Drop-down Navigation Drop-down Navigation provides a pull-down form of navigation, which also looks at the effect first:The following four steps are required to achieve this type of navigation: 1, the custom adapter, realizes the Spinneradaper interface, or uses the system to provide the arrayadapter and so on. 2. Implement the Actionbar.onnavigationlisterner interface to

ActionBar (2) in the official Android Navigation bar -- detailed usage of Action View, Action Provider, and Navigation Tabs; androidactionbar

ActionBar (2) in the official Android Navigation bar -- detailed usage of Action View, Action Provider, and Navigation Tabs; androidactionbar In the previous article (ActionBar in the official navigation bar of Android), we introduced the basic application of each component of ActionBar. In addition to Action Buttons, ActionBar also provides multiple Navigation m

Android uses TabLayout to achieve dynamic sliding similar To Netease tabs

Android uses TabLayout to achieve dynamic sliding similar To Netease tabs Previously, we used HorizontalScrollView to achieve a dynamic sliding effect similar To Netease tabs. For details, see the Android tab Dynamic Sliding effect. This article Here we use TabLayout to achieve this effect. TabLayout is a control in th

Android development: ViewPager + ActionBar + Fragment enables responsive slip tabs

The effect we want to achieve today is very common in Android applications. We can see the following two figures, whether it is the built-in Contact application of the system or the AnyView reader application, we can always find this shadow. When we slide the screen, the Tab can be switched accordingly, and when we click the Tab, our screen can also be switched. When it comes to slide, we will immediately think of PagerView and ActionBar, And we will

Custom Android tabs

Due to limitation of Android tab component I created a custom tabwidget that I am using in couple different projects already. the widget allows us to add custom background and use custom icons, tabs can be top/bottom aligned. Currently tabs can launch new activity and dialog, when starting new activity we can use "startactivityforresult" so our tab will get a not

Tabs on Android (tab)--A fantastic character (COCOS2DX crash)

(123, 255,0, 255)); Col->setcontentsize (Label->getcontentsize ()); Col->ignoreanchorpointforposition (false); Col->setanchorpoint (CCP (0.5, 0.5)); Col->setposition (CCP (Label->getposition (). X,label->getposition (). y)); AddChild (col); AddChild (label);The difference between this test and the previous one is that it adds a same-sized color block behind the text so that we can see the actual range of the texture (as it should have been, in fact, it started at 2.)。 ), sure

Android Actionbar Details (iii): Actionbar implementation Switch Tabs label

="@string/btn_toggle_tabs" android:onclick="Ontoggletabs"/> "@+id/btn_remove_all_tabs" Android:layout_width="Wrap_content" android:layout_height="Wrap_content" android:text="@string/btn_remove_all_tabs" android:onclick="Onremovealltabs"/> Layout file action_bar_tab_content.xml;1.0" encoding= "utf-8"?> "Http://" android:id="@+id/text" Android:layout_width="Wrap_content"

Three ways to add tabs to the "Android Essentials" Tabhost navigation bar

of include tags, article/details/44665643Here, this method should be better understood, is to design a layout file, and then use the include tag to embed it in a tag. We will not dwell on it here.Add a tab using the AddTab (Tabspec Tabspec) methodMtabhost is the Tabhost control, and then uses Newtabspec to create a tabspec, and sets the name "Page Three" and set its contents to be Tab3 this activity:mTabHost.addTab(mTabHost.newTabSpec("tab3").setIndicator("页面三")

IPhone tabs for Android!

ByRolle3k» Mon may 31,201 0 pmHiya, I was bored and had some spare time and I really like the iPhone UI elements so I started cloning the tabs. Code has been written with love. Everything you need to know is in the source code. shows you how to add tabs and how to register a click tab listener. 4 tabs: Screenshot which shows 3

"Android Interface Implementation" uses Scrollingtabsview to achieve viewpager effects with sliding tabs

(; Scrollingtabs.setadapter (Scrollingtabsadapter); ScrollingTabs.setViewPager ( Viewpager);} /** * Viewpager Adapter * * @author Zhaokaiqiang * */private class Fragsadapter extends Fragmentstatepageradapter {private Ar Raylist in the code, we need to set up two adapters, one is Viewpager, to replace the display of the fragment, and the other is the Sliding tab layout, to control the layout of each tab display, returned in the GetView method. Here r.layout.tab_scrolling is a

Focus on the Ionic bottom navigation button tabs on Android and float down on top of the deal _android

Ionic is a popular mobile-end development framework, but students who are just getting started will find ionic at the bottom of iOS and Android tabs. In the case of Android, the bottom tabs will float up. The following figure shows: There are a lot of such solutions on the Internet, but I think that 1000 10,000 is

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