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"Cloud Foundry" cloud Foundry Learning (v)--cloud Controller

; Collector_registrar module, which is responsible for registering as component to collector components; The Router_registrar module is responsible for registering the domain name of the cloud controller component with the router component; LEGACY_API part, responsible for taking over CCNG's restful requests regarding info,bulk and services, etc.;

WIN2008 R2 Active Directory Deploy the first Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller _win server in the Enterprise

the infrastructure master role after installing the other DCs into the domain, or make sure that all other DCs installed to the domain are also GC. Also, when you install another writable domain controller, the Ad Installation Wizard verifies that the infrastructure master is host

Cloned virtualized domain controller (cloning a virtualized deployment of DCs)

requirements:PDC emulator FSMO role hosted on Windows Server (DC)PDC emulator available during cloning operationBoth cloning and security restore require:Windows Server 2012 Virtualization GuestVirtualization Host platform supports VM generation ID (Vmgid)Third, virtualized domain controller cloningThere are several points in the process where you can choose how

AD domain Controller Virtualization complete Chapter

AD domain Controller Virtualization complete ChapterI. On the issue of AD DC virtualization1, time synchronization problemBecause Kerberos authentication relies on reliable time, it is important that time synchronization in the domain be synchronized with the Hyper-V host if DC virtualization is in place, thus creating a series of problems, so it is recommended t

Go Windows Server R2 Domain Controller Deployment Guide

Transferred from:, the domain controller installation steps:1. Install Windows Server R2 and configure the computer name and IP address (see appendix I)2, click "Start", in "Search Programs and Files" Enter Dcpromo.exe and press ENTER;3, such as the preparation to enter the

Cloud computing Domain Terminology Encyclopedia

(CONSORTIUM,OCC) is working to develop a unified standard for the initial cloud computing standards and practices.Security (Safety)The relative security of cloud computing services is a contentious issue that may also hinder the use of cloud computing. Some argue that user data is more secure at the time of internal management, but some people believe there is r

Microsoft private cloud series-Domain Server preparation

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