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Cloudera Hadoop Administrator Ccah; developer CCA-175 Exam Outline

Cloudera Certified Administrator forapache Hadoop (CCA-500)Number of Questions:QuestionsTime Limit:minutesPassing Score:70%Language:中文版, JapaneseExam Sections and Blueprint1. HDFS (17%) Describe the function of HDFS daemons Describe the normal operation of a Apache Hadoop cluster, both in data storage and in data processing Identify current features of computing systems, motivate a system like Apache Hadoop Classify major goals of HDFS Desig

Windows 8 developer training camp (Shanghai site, October 24, March 23, registration started)

Activity Introduction Microsoft recently released the Windows 8 consumer preview at the 2012 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Windows 8 will be a new milestone in the Windows system family. From now on, users all over the world can Download Windows 8 consumer preview in five languages, including simplified Chinese, from the official Microsoft website. To help more Chinese developers get to know Windows 8 at a close distance and learn about Windows 8, Microsoft will hold a Windows 8

Guangzhou office365 Developer Training Camp Exchange Event Brief

October 13, 2018, in the Microsoft Guangzhou Office (Guangzhou Tianhe District Taikoo Hui 1, 28 floor, Microsoft Guangzhou Office) successfully held the OFFICE365 developer training camp, the event on the Microsoft Official website address: events/detail_1707. This event was supported by Microsoft Office 365 Headquarters and the China Office 365 Chen Xizhang and Li Qiang, Mi

[Getting Started WP7-2. Hello Windows Phone for Windows Phone 7 developer training package]

This Windows Phone 7 developer training package contains 8 appsProgramInstances and four xNa game instances: 1. hellophone-Hello Windows Phone 2. yourfirstwp7application-create your first Windows Phone 7 Application 3. windowsphonenavigationandcontrols-Windows Phone navigation and controls 4. usingpushnotifications-use push notifications 5. launchersandchoosers-starter and Selector 6. applicatio

Smart Podcast iOS Training: Being a scrambled iOS developer

Learning iOS has a future? Does iOS training have a future? What is the job Outlook? is the iOS development engineer saturated?There are a number of students who want to learn about iOS, and have raised a series of questions about iOS. As a dedicated to the majority of students to provide more cutting-edge, more cattle it technology training institutions, preach Wisdom Podcast is very happy, very pleased to

Start a reminder Today 3 o'clock in the afternoon | Google Play developer Online training camp

Dear Developer, At this year's Google I/O developer conference, we posted the latest Android vitals Information Center (Android vital Dashboard) in Google Play Management center (Google Play Console) to help Developers understand and analyze applications to find out why they are not fluent and crash, thereby improving application quality and getting a better running experience. In this afternoon's online

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