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Amazon Cloudwatch Monitor the disk space usage configuration for Windows Server2008

": "Instanceid",' Dimensionvalue ': ' {instance_id} '}},{"Id": "Cloudwatch","FullName": "AWS." EC2. Windows.cloudwatch.cloudwatch.cloudwatchoutputcomponent,aws. EC2. Windows.cloudwatch ","Parameters":{"AccessKey": "[Fill AccessKey]","Secretkey": "[Fill Secretkey]","Region": "[Fill Region]","NameSpace": "Windows/default"}}],"Flows": {"Flows":["Performancecounter,cloudwatch"]}}}3. Restart Ec2configservice >n

Metric Metrics tool for version Metrics-java

IntroducedMetrics is a package of metrics for Java services, embedded in Java code Metrics code, you can easily monitor the business code of the various indicators, at the same time, metrics can be very good with ganlia, graphite combination, Easy to provide graphical interface. The basic use of the core package (currently stable version 3.0.1) directly into the

Linux memory performance metrics, CPU performance metrics

main pages interrupt means more access to the diskThe indicator can be viewed via the SAR command# sar-b 1 3pgpgin/pgpgout is the swap-in and swap out of memoryFault page breakmajflt main missing pages interruptvmstat command can also view some memory information# vmstat 1 5 Memory part is the RAM informationSi/so is swapped-in swap outSupplemental skillsWhen the top command is executed, the SWAP column is usually not displayed and you need to specify the displayIn the top interface, click 'f',

Ganglia Hadoop-related monitoring configuration and metrics

About ganglia configuration in Hadoop2.0.0-cdh4.3.0: Modify configuration file: $ HADOOP_HOME/etc/hadoop/hadoop-metrics.propertiesAdd the following content:*. Sink. ganglia. class = org. apache. hadoop. metrics2.sink. ganglia. GangliaSink31*. Sink. ganglia. period = 10# Default for supportsparse is false*. Sink. ganglia. supportsparse = true*. Sink. ganglia. slope = jvm. metrics. gcCount = zero, jvm. metrics

Ambari Metrics Introduction

ConceptAmbari metrics is a functional component in Ambari that is responsible for monitoring cluster status. It has some of the following key concepts: Terminology Description Ambari Metrics System ("AMS") The built-in metrics collection system for Ambari. Metric

Hadoop metrics parameter description

People who use hadoop have some knowledge about the detailed counters in hadoop, but many may not find any information when they want to fully understand all metrics. In addition, there are few introductions when searching in the code. List all items. DFS. datanode. blockchecksumop_avg_time block verification average time DFS. datanode. blockchecksumop_num_ops block check count DFS. datanode. blockreports_avg_time average time of the block report DFS.

Calculate code metrics in VS

Starting with VS2008, there is a new tool to help developers better understand the code they write. This tool is "calculated code metrics." For a specific description of this feature and several indicators, please refer to the official documentation below Code metrics are a set of software metrics that enable developers to better understand the code they are

Monitor the performance of your application using metrics

systems.In Java there is an open source project called Metrics, which captures the JVM and application-level performance parameters, and his author, Coda Hale, describes what Mertics is and why metrics is necessary in an application system, Videos and speeches can be downloaded separately on YouTube and SlideShare. The project that has been ported in. NET is called you start introducing

Learn more about CSS Font metrics, line heights, and Vertical-align

with a different one font-family :P> spanclass= "a">Baspan> spanclass= "B">Baspan> spanclass= "C">Baspan>P>P { font-size: 100px;} { font-family: Helvetica;} { font-family: Gruppo;} { font-family: catamaran;}Each element uses the same font-size , but uses a different font-family one, but the rendering line-height is different:Even though we are aware of this behavior, it is unclear why font-size:100px the element is height not 100px ? I measured the discovery: the heig

"Performance Tuning" Oracle AWR reporting metrics full resolution __oracle

"Performance Tuning" Oracle AWR reporting metrics full resolution What is AWR? ===================================================================================================== AWR (Automatic workload Repository) A bunch of historical energy data, placed on the Sysaux table space, AWR and Sysaux are all 10g, are the key features of Oracle tuning; About 1999 years began to develop, has been 15 years of history Default snapshot interval 1 hour

How to collect Nginx metrics (Article 2)

How to collect Nginx metrics (Article 2)How to obtain the required NGINX metrics How to obtain the required metrics depends on the NGINX version you are using and What metrics you want to see. (See how to monitor NGINX (Article 1) to learn more about NGINX metrics .) Both th

JAVA Metrics Metric Tool Usage Introduction 1

Java Metric Usage Introduction 1Metrics is a package for Java to provide measurement tools, embedded in Java code Metrics code, you can easily monitor the various indicators of business code, the same time, metrics can be very good with ganlia, graphite combination, Easy to provide graphical interface.Below is a brief introduction of how metrics is used.Maven Add

Apache Spark Source--WEB UI and metrics initialization and data update process analysis

Welcome reprint, Reprint please indicate the source, emblem Shanghai one lang.ProfileThe WEB UI and metrics subsystem provide the necessary windows for external observation to monitor the internal operation of Spark, and this article will briefly take a look at its internal code implementation.WEB UIFirst feel the spark WebUI assuming that you are currently running standalone cluster mode in your native computer, enter will see t

Introduction to Object-oriented metrics address: Measurement AnalysisThe CK (chidamber kemerer) measure set [8] and mood [measure set] are often used when parsing code in object-oriented metrics. In this section, we will enumerate and explain the specific use of metrics.2.1 Coupling1974, Steven et. In the context of structured progr

Those performance parameter metrics for Linux servers

Those performance parameter metrics for Linux serversA Linux operating system-based server runs at the same time, it will also characterize a variety of parameter information. In general, OPS and system administrators are extremely sensitive to these data, but these parameters are also important to developers, especially when your program is not working properly, and these clues often help to locate the tracking problem quickly.Here are just a few sim

Performance metrics testing for IPs products

Performance metrics testing for any IPs product must take into account the impact of three factors: network performance, security accuracy, and security efficiency. January 25, 2003 is not a special day, but the day should be remembered by those who design and manage enterprise-class networks. This day, the Ms-sql Slammer virus in Greenwich Mean Time 5:30, making the Internet latency increased by 20% (almost usual 20 times times). By the weekend of

Metricbeat deployment and monitoring of Linux system metrics summary

Metricbeat Light-weight indicator collector Used to collect metrics from systems and services. From CPU to memory, from Redis to Nginx,metricbeat, you can deliver a variety of system and service statistics in a light-weight way. System-level monitoring, more concise Deploy Metricbeat to all your Linux, Windows, and MAC hosts and connect it to Elasticsearch: you get system-level CPU usage, memory, file system, disk IO and network IO st

Stanford University public Class machine learning: Machines Learning System Design | Error metrics for skewed classes (definition of skew class issues and evaluation measures for skew class issues: precision ratio (precision) and recall rate (recall))

The previous article mentioned the importance of error analysis and setting error metrics. That is to set a real number to evaluate the learning algorithm and measure its performance. With the evaluation and error metrics of the algorithm, one important thing to note is that using an appropriate error metric can sometimes have a very subtle effect on the learning algorithm. This kind of problem is the probl

Dropwizard Metrics-Introduction to basic use

Previously introduced in the Healthcheck how to add some simple health detection through metrics LIB to the system, now talk about Dropwizard metrics more important parts, record the system's measurement information. Dropwizard offers a variety of metrics: The simplest counter, the complexity of the histogram for calculating the time distribution, the meter for c

MySQL Monitoring Metrics

Tags: ping sync for ODB scene space reading and writing state buffer filesIn order to troubleshoot the problem, the monitoring of the database is essential, in this introduction of MySQL in the common monitoring indicators.Brief introductionMySQL has a number of branch versions, common with MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, each version of the corresponding monitoring items will be somewhat different, here only some common monitoring items.Typically, the source code for a monitoring item is defined in th

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