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Anti-debugging CM

Author: riuskskTime: 2009-10-27,13: 01Chain: T = 100167 [Break text title] defend against a anti-debugging CM[Author] riusksk (quange)[Author email][Author's homepage]

Crack a CM

Author: riuskskHome page:Http://riusksk.blogbus.comAt noon on the CCG forum, I saw a brother send a CM, and only broke it. So I started to fuck the guy and sharpen the knife to reach CM, so I had this article. The posts posted by that brother

Crack a keyfile CM

[Title]: crack a keyfile CM[Author]: riusksk (quange)[Homepage ]:Http://[Software ]:Http:// Attachmentid = 30530 & d = 1251718431 [Shelling]: None[Email ][Time]: 2009/8/30[Statement]:

Telephony status maintenance-servicestatetracker

Servicestatetracker As an important tracker for phone: calltracker, dataconnectiontracker, servicestatetracker Servicestatetracker:Process and maintain various statuses of mobile phones Cell location celllocation, network status servicestate,

Internationalization and integration of the dojo date Control

  Dojo date control type Currently, Dojo supports two date controls: Figure 1. dijit. Form. timetextbox The time control is displayed in the format of HH: mm: Ss. It supports internationalization and the format varies depending on the

Red Rice 3 (ido) CyanogenMod12.1 compilation tutorial

Environment construction1. Install the 64-bit Ubuntu system (physical installation, virtual machine installation can be)Note: require the machine at least 4G of memory (virtual machine allocated at least 4G memory), hard disk at least 100G space

Use ASP, VB, and XML to build applications running on the Internet

xml| Program | internet The era of using stand-alone applications on PCs is about to pass, and most applications now develop web versions or most need to share rich data resources on the Web. Although we have written for a long time based on

Introduction to NLP (2) Exploring the principles of TF-IDF

About TF-IDF ?? TF-IDF is a common statistical method in NLP. It is used to evaluate the importance of a word for a document in a collection or corpus. It is usually used to extract the features of text, that is, keywords. The importance of a word

Webpage Trojans (continued)

In the article "webpage Trojan", I mainly explained the situation of Trojan horse mounting. The Code is as follows: Document. writeln (" ");   It will execute a script file: Tongji. js   It was because such a script was executed that our computer

Use ASP, VB, and XML to create applications running on the Internet

Let's analyze the client/server applications first. In a standard client/server application, you can initialize the database connection string at the beginning of the application, which means that the customer has the right to use the database

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