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Description of the cmd command and the entrypoint command in Dockerfile

First, the following commands, such as Run, CMD, and entrypoint, can be used to execute commands, but each has different characteristics. Run is executed at the time of build image. The CMD entrypoint is executed when the image is run.

Firewalld Firewall-cmd

Original address: Reverting to the Iptables Service # Systemctl Stop firewalld # systemctl Disable FIREWALLD # iptables-service # touch/etc/sysconfig/iptables # Systemctl start

Recent reflections on the Cat and cat learning iOS

In fact, a long time ago to write a point, although the cat is still a student, but on self-study, cats feel their level can also-note, I am not a big God, I just a small vegetable cat ...First of all, let's say a little bit about yourself, I cat,

Crack the telecom light Cat, the external network direct connection LAN database

1, how does the external network server (such as the Java Web) connect to the database in the LAN?  2, how does the public network computer access a service in the LAN?Scenario :One of our previous projects was to make a website, and the site would

ADSL Broadband Wireless cat Configuration

When setting up a home wireless LAN, we use a wireless router to connect to the wired ADSL for network construction. Therefore, the configuration of the ADSL and the wireless router is cumbersome, so the emergence of broadband wireless cats

ZTE F412 optical cat super password crack, crack user restrictions, turn off remote control, restore router dialing

Many families have changed the fiber into the home, it is certainly not the light cat. Today, ZTE F412 Light cat As an example of this model light cat Super Password crack method.First, F412 Super password crack method1, run cmd, enter Telnet 192.168

CMD command, Linux Command

XP. CMD command Overview For more information about a command, enter the HELP command name.Assoc displays or modifies file extension associations.At is the command and program to be run on the computer.Attrib displays or changes file attributes.Set

Hug Cmder, and cmd say goodbye

Author: fbysssQQ: Wine bar Bar I This article by fbysss original, reproduced please indicate the sourceAs a programmer, even in the Windows working environment, CMD is an essential tool for our

Android's cmd command shutdown restart and restart Recovery_android

Android when it started, really let some small number of software fire A, cut fruit, Tom Cat, blowing skirt is one of the representatives, of course, there is a strong practical shutdown software, we go to Baidu search. Screenshots: I.

Cat<<eof in the shell (here document)

Here document usage for Linux shell (cat What is here Documenthere Document is a special redirection method in the Linux Shell, and its basic form is as follows CMD its role is to pass the contents of the two delimiter (Here Document content section)

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