cmd createparameter

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Createparameter parameter description (ASP)

 Createparameter parameter description (ASP) Createparameter parameter description (ASP)Cmd. createparameter ("parameter name", type, direction, size)Cmd. createparameter name, type, direction, size, ValueThe value of data type and its

Asp SQL stored procedure

1. asp calls the Stored Procedure First, create a database in SQL called it. I won't talk about how to create it. This is simple and I will know it at a glance. Create a table in the database and write several data records as follows: Open the

ASP Stored Procedure Overview

1. Call a stored procedure without Parameters Set conn = server. Createobject ("ADODB. Connection ") Set cmd = server. Createobject ("ADODB. Command ") Strconn = "DSN = pubs; uid = sa; PWD" Conn. Open strconnSet cmd. activeconnection = Conn

ASP & porcedure

Set conn = server. Createobject ("ADODB. Connection ")Set cmd = server. Createobject ("ADODB. Command ")Strconn = "DSN = pubs; uid = sa; PWD"Conn. Open strconnSet cmd. activeconnection = Conn Cmd. commandtext = "{call Nono }" 'Set rsw.cmc.exe

Several methods of accessing stored procedures in VB

Stored Procedures | access what is the benefit of using SQL stored procedures The SQL stored procedure executes much faster than the SQL command text. When an SQL statement is contained in a stored procedure, the server does not have to parse and

ASP using stored procedures __ Storage

1, call a stored procedure without parameters Set Conn=server. CreateObject ("Adodb.connection") Set Cmd=server. CreateObject ("Adodb.command") Strconn= "Dsn=pubs;uid=sa;pwd" Conn. Open strconn Set CMD. Activeconnection=conn cmd.commandtext=

C # dbhelper data operation class for database programming [dbhelper. CS]

Http:// In fact, Microsoft has a very good data operation class in its enterprise database. however, many companies (at least some of the companies I met ...), I don't dare to use something "encapsulated"

My DBHelper data manipulation class

In fact, Microsoft's corporate library has a very good data manipulation class. But, a lot of companies (at least I met a few ...), some of the "encapsulation" of what things are not too bold, although I recommended the Microsoft Enterprise Library

Share dbhelper Common database Access Help class

Usually when we develop the use of database access Help classes, we individually write the appropriate data access Help classes for a particular type of data, such as Sqlhelper,oraclehelper,oledbhelper, In fact, all of these help class

Using ASP to write dynamic reply form

Dynamic Preface: Many Web designers may have faced the problem of designing a form for users to input, the user entered the content into the database, but the user input is not the type of content (numeric field but input text) Situation or the user

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