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Litchi FM mobile App Barrage how to reply

1, as shown in the mobile phone to open a litchi FM customer, and then find a program 2, if a lot of people are listening you will see people talking 3, we click on the want to reply to a barrage, as shown in the picture 4, then we enter to reply to the content and then click the Send button, as shown in the picture Then the screen will soon appear you just reply to the pl

The method diagram of App Quick Search song in Watercress FM mobile phone

Watercress FM mobile phone app can be a search just a few friends do not know how to use it, here we will come to a review of the Watercress FM mobile phone app search song steps. 1, in the

Litchi FM Radio App release third party account binding method sharing

To give you the Litchi FM radio software users to detailed analysis to share the lifting of Third-party account binding method. Analytical sharing: Q: How to remove the third party account (such as QQ, micro-bo, micro-letter) binding? A: If the first login to use QQ, micro-blog, micro-letter authorized registration of Litchi FM account, app Land

How can I display the number of messages dynamically by using the desktop App icon (similar to the QQ icon on a mobile phone )?, App icon

How can I display the number of messages dynamically by using the desktop App icon (similar to the QQ icon on a mobile phone )?, App icon Apps on mobile phones, such as QQ and others, can dynamically display the number of messages on the icons (up to 99). Have you ever wondered how these effects are achieved? Can tradi

Python to realize the automatic check-in of mobile app

Today is the world of mobile apps, a lot of app software in order to attract customers to use every day, set a daily check-in to send some reward activities. Here with a very fire network phone software echoes (every day to send long) as an example, through Python to achieve automatic check-in. First, Fiddler grab bag Fiddler not only intercepts HTTP requests from various browsers, b

App message push for mobile development

There is a scenario where you enter your message on the mobile app and automatically jump out of a pop-up window to indicate that a task has been executed. The simplest example is when you enter the phone number, click Get Verification code, you will jump out of a dialog box, said "Verification code has been sent to the phone, please check", these are how to achieve.As an example of a

Scrapy Crawl information about home rental and generate mobile app (i)

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