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Docker builds an open source CMDB platform step three: building a CMDB platform Opsmanage

. #指定基础镜像: from #set epel-relase run yum install wget-y run wget http://dl.fedoraproje run RPM-IVH epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm run RM-RF./epel-relea se-latest-7.noarch.rpm Yum Clean all # install python-base-rpm RUN yum install zlib zlib-devel make readline- Devel sqlite-devel bzip2-devel openssl-devel gdbm-devel libdbi-devel ncurses-libs kernel-devel libxslt-devel Libffi-devel python-devel mysql-devel zlib-

Docker builds open source CMDB platform step by step: DockerFile Build mariadb

} Mariadb_new=true# # MariaDB Setup#run_maria () {# FirstInstallmariadbif[[!-D ${data_dir}/mysql]]; ThenEcho "===> MariaDB not install ..."Echo "===> Initializing Maria database ..."mysql_install_db--user=mysql--ldata=${data_dir}Echo "===> System databases initialized ..."# Start Mariadb/usr/bin/mysqld_safe--user mysql >/dev/NULL 2>1Echo "===> waiting for MariaDB to start ..."STA=1 while[[Sta-ne0]]; Doprintf"."Sleep 5MySQL-uroot-e"Status">/dev/NULL 2>1STA=$? DoneEcho "===> Start OK ..."# 1. Crea

Comparison of open-source tools for generating QR codes (with source code), comparison of open-source tools with source code

Comparison of open-source tools for generating QR codes (with source code), comparison of open-source tools with source code One day, zxing

55 open-source data visualization tools and 55 open-source tools

55 open-source data visualization tools and 55 open-source tools To do a good job, you must first sharpen the tool. This article briefly introduces 55 popular open-

C # Open Source tools (or C # Open source framework)

Linechart.NplotNplot is an open source chart class library under. Net. Its commendable place is the elegant and flexible API design. Nplot contains the Windows Form control, ASP. NET control and a class that creates a bitmap picture. There is also an available gtk# control.xschartingXscharting is a charting component developed in C # and offers a variety of charting options.DavechartDavechart is a free dot

10 Useful PHP Open source tools, 10 PHP open source _php Tutorials

10 Useful PHP Open source tools, 10 PHP open source In development work, the right tools are used to maximize efficiency. In addition, a large number of open

Open source Job scheduling tool to realize open-source datax, Sqoop, Kettle and other ETL tools job batch Automation scheduling

1, Ali Open source software: datax Datax is a heterogeneous data source offline Synchronization tool that is dedicated to achieving stable and efficient data synchronization between heterogeneous data sources including relational databases (MySQL, Oracle, etc.), HDFS, Hive, ODPS, HBase, FTP, and more. (Excerpt from Wikipedia) 2. Apache

Programmer's choice: Several brand new open-source tools in mobile development, open-source programmers

Programmer's choice: Several brand new open-source tools in mobile development, open-source programmers The mobile development concept has become the primary indicator of prospective application development institutions. In view of this, it is not surprising that the mobile

Common Classic Open source software Automation Development Test framework/Tools (2015) _ Open source software

languages, You can also use the Seleniumwebdriver API. C. Appium implements true Cross-platform Automation testing, Appium supports any test framework. If you only use Apple's uiautomation, we can only use JavaScript to write test cases, and we can only run test cases with instruction. If you only use Google's uiautomation, we can only use Java to write test cases. (8) Watir (Web application testing in Ruby) is an open

Efficient Java application Operation analysis with open source tools (Turn Http://

Author Joachim Haagen skeie translator Li Yong posted on November 9, 2011 Domain Language Development theme tools, performance and scalability, Java Tag Performance tuning, open source Java sharing | More than once, we all had the idea of trying to find out what was going on in the bottom of a running program. This need may be due to slow service, Java Virtual

Open-source release: VS code segment shortcuts and quick deployment tools for visual debugging, open-source

Open-source release: VS code segment shortcuts and quick deployment tools for visual debugging, open-sourcePreface: A long time ago, I sent two articles about the custom code version and visual debugging: 1: Visual Studio tips: custom code snippets 2: Custom visual debugging tool (Microsoft. VisualStudio. DebuggerVisua

Java Open Source tools: A list of web development tools

American programmer Jon Scott Stevens unveiled a list of development tools used by his startup company.His language platform is Java and the development project is a Web site (not yet online). The tools used are open source and available for free.Among the current entrepreneurs, there seems to be few people using Java

Seven reasons to use Appfuse: Learn Java Open source tools and use these tools to improve productivity

AppFuse is an open source project and application that uses open source tools built on the Java platform to help us develop WEB applications quickly and efficiently. I originally developed it to reduce the unnecessary time it takes to build a new WEB application for a custom

Java open-source tools

set of MVC patterns during development, it saves a lot of time, so struts is a very good application framework. 【Strutside: An Eclipse plug-in for Struts-assisted development] Hibernate [Java open-source persistent layer framework] Hibernate is an open-source object relationship ing framework that encapsulates JDBC ob

Why should we use open-source testing tools?

Why should we use open-source testing tools? As an open-source testing tool, I am often asked this question. Many test engineers have a special liking for commercial testing tools. They always feel that commercial testing

"Reprint" Four kinds of BI open source tools introduction-spagobi,openi,jaspersoft,pentaho

Four types of BI open source tools introduction-spagobi,openi,jaspersoft,pentaho1 Brief Introduction to BI systemsFrom a technical point of view BI includes ETL, DW, OLAP, DM and other links. Simply put, the transaction system has already occurred data, through the ETL tool extracted to the subject of a clear data warehouse, after the OLAP generation cube or repo

Introduction to 55 open source data visualization tools

Data visualization in the data age is an effective and even unique means of understanding and expressing data.A total of 56, the most practical inventory of Big Data visualization analysis tools工欲善其事 its prerequisite, this article provides a brief introduction to 55 popular data visualization tools open source protocol

Open-source data mining tools

Open-source tools for data mining)========================================================== ====================Blazzupan, PhD, Janez demsar, PhD (Compilation: idmer) The history of data mining software is not long. Even the term "Data Mining" was formally proposed in the 1990s S, it integrates statistics, machine learning, data visualization, knowledge engineer

Contract advertising system-common advertising system open source tools

Common advertising system open source tools common advertising system open source toolsIs it possible to quickly build an advertising system with open source

Android and iOS Test five of the best open source Automation tools _android

Automated testing plays a very important role in product testing. There are a number of positive ways to implement test automation, including minimizing test execution time, ensuring greater coverage during critical release phases, and working reliably and repeatedly during the product development phase to ensure that regression issues are not introduced. Minimize the risk of human error and negligence in repetitive regression testing cycles. There are many

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