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Risk avoidance of Domain name registration

Yesterday, someone gave me a message to tell about the encounter, said he had 3 months ago registered 1 Google-containing COM domain name, but recently received Google's legal letter (see appendix), asked him to transfer the domain name

Domain name registration related knowledge (Novice must read) 1th 2 Page _ website application

Pu and the Domain name registration knowledge (Novice must read)! first, the choice of registrars and agents:1, Million network: Easy Name:http://www.ename.cn3, the new network interconnection: Business

Talk about domain name Registrars (7) Personal registration CN domain name embarrassed root

[An arbitration case will not be able to evade the question] Domain name Dispute Resolution Center [award] CND-2007000028 ( Number of domain names: 3 Name: Bird's Nest. cn, Bird's Nest. Network, Bird's Nest. Company Case

The state of domain name and its significance summary _ Web surfing

Domain name status is divided into RRP domain name status and EPP domain name status. RRP domain name State refers to the state of "Registry-Registrar agreement domain name Status Code" [Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) domain status codes]: RRP

Zhengzhou Mutual Dimension Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing domain name registration, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, hosting rental services

Zhengzhou Inter-Dimensional Technology Co., Ltd., professional Server rental/hosting IDC service providers, the company to provide professional, high-quality, comprehensive IDC services for the purpose, and strive to create a service in the

July 2013 the latest GoDaddy domain name registration, renewal discount code recommended

COM Domain name registration benefits . COM domain name registration only need $7.99/year; RMB 50 yuan/year Special Offer links >> No discount code, click this link to activate the

Opportunities implied in the new rules of domain name registration

Domain Registration The length of the registered domain name with the extension ". com", ". Net" and ". org" can be lengthened to 67 characters, and is no longer limited by the previous 23 characters.You might say, what about this? What good is it

Summary of domain name status and its meaning

The domain name status includes the RRP domain name status and the EPP domain name status. The RRP Domain name Status refers to the Status [Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Domain Status Codes] specified by "Registry-Registrar agreement Domain

Two principles and ten tips for domain name selection

Domain names play an important role in e-commerce. They are known as the "Global trademark" in the Internet era. A good domain name will greatly increase the company's awareness on the Internet. Therefore, it is very important for an enterprise to

Business opportunities contained in the new domain name registration rules

The length of a registered domain name with the extension ". com", ". net", and ". org" can be extended to 67 characters without being limited by the previous 23 characters.You might say, what about this? What is the benefit to me?Paying attention

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