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COBIT: introduction to international information security audit specifications

implementation guidance. The following is a classification introduction: 1. management Guidelines: Includes maturity models to help determine whether each control phase and expected level complies with industrial specifications; critical success factors) it is used to identify the most important activities to achieve control in IT programs; key goal indicators (key performance indicators) to define the target performance level; and key performance indicators (key performance indicators) it is u

Briefly describes the reasons for priority ordering of the Android system foreground process, visible processes, service processes, background processes, and empty processes.

First High: foreground processThe foreground process is the most important process in the Android system and is the process of interacting with the user.Second High: Visible processVisible process refers to a part of the program interface can be seen by the user, but not in the foreground and user interaction.Third High: Service processA process that contains a started service is a service process, the service does not have a user interface, does not interact directly with the user, but is able

Get a list of processes or desired processes in Delphi (enumerate processes, traverse processes)

A common programming task is to enumerate all running "applications". The Windows Task Manager is a good example. It lists "applications" in two ways. The first tab of Task Manager lists all the application windows on the desktop. The second tab lists all the processes in the system. This article provides detailed information on how to perform these tasks. Enumerate top-level windows If you compare the enumeration process to the top-level window on

Method of transferring information between fork sub processes (resolves a problem that distinguishes between child processes and child processes)

See a problem today, the request is the parent process fork out two child processes, child process 1 needs to send a data to the child process 2, and then the child process 2 sends this data to the parent processSpecific ideas are as follows.Parent Process fork out the PID of the child process, only the parent process is saved,Child Process 1 can obtain the PID of the parent process, child process 2 can obtain the PID of child process 1, but the child

UNIX Network Programming volume 1 Server programming paradigm 5 preemptible child processes, where parent processes transmit socket descriptors to child Processes

This article is senlie original, reproduced Please retain this address: 1. Only let your process call accept, and then "pass" the accepted connected socket to a sub-process.In this way, you do not need to provide lock protection because all sub-processes call accept.2. The parent process must track the idle status of the child process to pass a new socket to the idle child process. Typedef struct {pid_tchild_pid;/* th

Common commands for how Linux views processes, kills processes, and initiates processes (i) __linux

and is not differentiated by terminals. The most commonly used method is PS aux, which then filters through the grep command to find a specific process and then operates on a particular process. PS aux | The grep program_filter_word,ps-ef |grep Tomcat ps-ef|grep java|grep-v grep shows all of the Java processes and places the current grep process away. 2. Kill process use KILL command to end a process: kill xxx commonly used: Kill-9 324 Linux also pro

Linux--Viewing of processes, acquisition of process IDs, killing of processes

Process ViewPS Ax: Displays a list of current system processesPS aux: Displays a detailed list of current system processes and process usersPS ax|less: If the output is too long, you may add a pipeline command less to view the specific process, such as: PS ax|grep xxx (XXX for process name)Get process IDHow the shell obtains the process ID: ps-a |grep "CmdName" |awk ' {print $ ' pidof ' cmdname ' pgrep ' cmdname ' The three kinds of running results in

Management of processes and processes

, Init creates individual sub-processes by writing scripts, using the shell to implement them, so it executes very slowly , causing the system to start faster and process creation speed is very slow;Centos6:upstart, with the new INIT process developed by Ubuntu, can start some associated service processes in parallel, can create a process in a multi-line process, if there are multiple CPUs or if there are m

Ways to view processes and kill zombie processes in Linux systems

PS command PS command is the most fundamental corresponding case is also quite strong ground process view command. Use this command to determine which processes are running and running, whether the process is over, if the process is dead, which processes are consuming too much resources, and so on. In summary, most of the information is available by executing the command. PS command and its parameters Th

Fast understanding of orphan processes and zombie processes

automatically. Even though technically the process has the ' init ' process as its parent, it's still called an orphan process since the P Rocess that originally created it no longer exists. "Translation" in Unix-like operating systems, any father died process is adopted by a special system process named Init: the operating system kernel sets the father of the father died process to the INIT process. This operation is called Re-parenting and is automatically executed. Although technically speak

35 two ways to open parallel/outgoing/asynchronous non/blocking processes, common methods and properties of processes

immediately.3. Common ways to process:1) Start and joinJoin: allows the main process to wait for the child process to finish executingFrom multiprocessing import Processimport Osimport timedef func (): For i in range: time.sleep (0.1) Print (' This is a child process ') if __name__ = = ' __main__ ': p = Process (Target=func) #子进程要执行的任务 P.start () # P.join () #是让主进程等待子进程执行完, Phenomenon: The main process goes to this sentence, the main process is bloc

Explanation of server processes of Oracle Database Processes

We know that,Oracle DatabaseEach process in to complete a specific task or a group of tasks, each process will allocate internal memory PGA memory) to complete its tasks. Oracle instances mainly have three types of processes:Server processBackground processes and subordinate processes. This article mainly introduces the knowledge of Oracle Database Server processes

Linux environment Programming process (IV): Creating new processes, executing programs, and terminating processes

Introduction:For each process, there is a non-negative integer representing the unique process ID. Although the ID of a process is unique, it is reusable. There are some specialized processes in the system. A process such as ID 0 is usually a dispatch process, which is also a switching process or a system process (it is a kernel process). A process ID of 1 is typically the INIT process, which is a normal user process. Some functions related to the pro

Android--Separation of system processes from user processes

all, give you a picture to illustrate, look at the picture:, we want to achieve the effect as shown in the illustration on the left, first, the user process (the number of user processes) is displayed at the top of the ListView, then the following is the list information for the user process, and then the system process (number of system processes) is displayed below, followed by the system process list in

Oracle Optimization-modify the number of Oracle processes [processes] and number of sessions [sessions]

1. Modify through sqlplusThe relationship between Oracle sessions and processes is sessions = 1.1 * processes + 5 using sys and logging on with sysdba permissions: SQL> show parameter processes; name type value values ----------- export aq_tm_processes integer 1 db_writer_processes integer 1 job_queue_processes integer 10 log_archive_max_processes integer 1

Linux Kernel Analysis--description of processes and creation of processes

Linux Kernel Analysis--description of processes and creation of processes20135111 Li GuangjiOriginal works reproduced please indicate the source"Linux kernel Analysis" MOOC course, the contents of the experiment Reading comprehension task_struct data structure; Analyze the kernel processing process of the

Android processes and threads (2) 5 processes classified by importance

The Android system will maintain a program process for as long as possible, but when the system resources are insufficient, after all, the system will kill some old processes for some new or more important processes to release the memory. The system determines the importance of each process based on the running status of components in the process, so as to determine which process needs to be killed and whic

The computer must know that the process processes and threads thread processes are defined as instances of a running program process and thread this concept of understanding is also very difficult, so far on the network can be found on the understanding of the data are very large, in different operating systems, such as Linux and Windows, the concept and implementation are not the same. Therefore, I am here to combine my own understanding of these two concepts, is about the general concept, and mainly based on Windows.Typically, a process is defined as an instance of

Messenger between Android processes and communication between android Processes

Messenger between Android processes and communication between android Processes I 've been reading binder over the past two days. I 've accidentally seen something like messenger in the document. I think it's quite interesting. I 'd like to share it with you. When we talk about inter-process communication, we will think of AIDL. In fact, both messenger and AIDL can communicate between

About processes and threads: about processes and threads

preemptive multitasking, which creates the effect of simultaneous execution of multiple threads from multiple processes. on a Multiprocessor computer, the system can simultaneously execute as your threads as there are processors on the computer. Microsoft Windows supports preemptible multi-task execution to achieve multi-processor and multi-thread synchronous execution. On a multi-processor computer, the system can run concurrently with multiple th

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