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Day work programmer vs Night work programmer, night work type wins

When I visited the website, I saw an old article titled "The Day Programmer vs. the night Programmer", which was written by Mitch Denny, because Mitch Denny served as CTO for a company, and the article has been issued to attract hot and Post. The article is translated by netizens, in order to let us see more clearly, some places to modify.Years ago I believed that there were two kinds of programmers in the

Talk about the programmer series: Looking for work of the evil sword spectrum

I originally interviewed a friend, in six months changed seven companies, I said worship.There are some brothers, seven years do not change jobs. This is more stable work Ah, seven years of itch are carried over, really good.These are extreme, general programmers, who may a year or change jobs for three or two years. In a company to do the old years of old programmers, not become the company can not do without, is a waste of firewood where also can no

Talk about the programmer series: who was born to work overtime

There is a question often asked in the interview: What do you think about overtime?We all know that IT industry overtime many, do not work overtime of the company Wind Phoenix Corner. Many companies have been working overtime, such as x, x meters ... There are many company bosses who think their company's performance is not good, is that their employees can not be like other companies to work overtime ... C

Where is the programmer's home?

programmer who has switched to the industry to express the mood of the industry, and so on. The IT people who insist on fighting in this line say that they think the root of the problem is their individual mentality. They said that programmers can do it for a lifetime. The foreign woman has become more developers. They are also active in thinking, energetic, and have a lot of experience and accumulation. A line of seemingly simple code contains count

Small game programmer 2 Year 10 Month work summary (third job, leave Tencent)

cattle game! And I, from then on, came across a difficult choice, Is measured by this goal, and finally, it must be a direction closer to that goal. Tencent, when I left, is still China's largest internet company, the market value of 50 billion U.S. dollars, in the game field, the previous few years have surpassed Shanda, is China's largest online gaming company. And QQ This is the Chinese Internet synonymous with the IM tool, in China almost no one does not know. Chinese New Year back

Programmer High-efficiency Work tool recommendation (essential tool)

First, Xshell xftp free software Xshell and XFTP are Netsarang excellent network management, secure transmission tools. Xshell is a free security terminal emulator that can be used as a terminal emulation for SSH, TELNET or RLOGIN, securely connected to a Linux server from the Windows platform, Xftp is a secure transport client, supports both FTP and SFTP protocols, both of which support tabbed Session window. If your project is deployed under LIUNX, such a tool is indispensable.Second, Axure RP

Software prerequisites are constantly updated in the programmer's home

1, Impression notesIf you are a programmer, do not have a note-taking software, hehe. Put yourself in the work of the problems encountered, timely write down. There are also some domestic notes software is also good, here do not say.2,mouMarkdown is a new language, now 7-8 years old. It is designed to allow people who write to write, with plain text, a simple symbol-marking format.3,sublineSublime Text is a

One of program life: a Java programmer's four years of work experience

One of program life: a Java programmer's four years of work experience I am very grateful to the csdn user liudonglovehemin for his post, which truly records the development path of a Java programmer who has been working, studying, and living in Beijing for four years. Can we be indifferent to this situation as a "north drifting" family? The reason why I reprinted it is because there are many places worth l

Programmer High-efficiency Work tool recommendation (essential tool)

VirtualBox Extension Pack. 18. Gitgit is a free, open source distributed version control system for agile and efficient processing of any or small or large project. [1] git's pronunciation is/g?t/. git is an open source distributed version control system for efficient, high-speed processing of project versioning from very small to very large. [2] Git is an open source version control software developed by Linus Torvalds to help manage the development of Linux kernels. Torvalds started to develo

Two-year summary of. NET programmer work

accustomed to the teacher, Cadence lecture roar. From August 2012 to September, I was learning XML, studying the structure of datasets, learning sqlserver, objects, learning to connect queries, and releasing resources. Then I often play Warcraft at home, I have played the RPG map side, while suffering from the conscience, practice typing, occasionally look at the platform of the course. In short, how can not access to the ASP. Part of the stud

Written on the first day of winter -- a female programmer's work summary in the tenth year

see it.Second, every customer manager thinks that his or her business is the most important thing. He can't wait for the customer to sign a request today and start work tomorrow. The customer will see it the day after tomorrow. However, the development plan cannot be changed at will. No one who needs to send more emails will have a higher priority. In this case, it is necessary to make them touch soft nails. It's a pity that time passes throu

Does the Java programmer work or play?

go, how to calculate the strength gap between the two sides, and how should the team work? In fact, these efforts are no more than the time that Daniel spends studying technology. Daniel because of the 80% of his energy to improve himself, but in the "real life" this all players can not get out of the big environment mixed with the vivid. What's the bargain? It was a problem, and when I realized it, I was shocked.2. Limited time24 hours a day, eat an

Why is the title of Java programmer at work?

---- The author of this book is talking to himself. Note: This article was written before publication ......The publication of the book "Java programmer, work at that point" is really a wave of twists and turns, but in any case this book is about to be published. Honestly, I am not a real professional author. Of course, some people call this professional Author "Writer ", maybe it's because I don't "Sit at

Summary of the work of a female programmer in the third year

arrogant face that I knew everything. Now I just want to shut up. You say that the East is the East (bet he cannot tell the southeast and northwest ). I don't know how to get along with such leaders. I chose the most negative one. It takes a lot of free time to draw a Database Structure Using Visio. The more you find problems, the day when the overall upgrade is complete, there is a "Peanut" busy. I also planned a trip that requires reading a lot of books to execute, and practiced a star in cs

Top priority in the work environment is high-level colleagues-my programmer career 6

Sender: kaemio (traveler-walking the road of life), email area: worklife Question: respond to the call for originality-my programmer career 6 Mailing site: shuimu community (Sun Jul 9 22:50:14 2006), within the site Thanks to God for letting me have so many good friends, this job is still introduced by friends, almost shunshui to get an offer from a foreign company. The written examination mainly deals with the c ++ language, which makes me unexpecte

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