cocomo 2 model in software engineering

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Model-oriented software architecture 2-concurrent and networked object model Reading Notes (2)-concurrent and networked object 2

2.3 concurrency Concurrency is a term that involves a series of policies and mechanisms that enable one or more threads or processes to simultaneously execute their service processing tasks. Many network applicationsProgramIn particular, servers must concurrently process requests from multiple clients. The modern operating system overcomes the limitations of a Single-threaded process by providing a multi-thread concurrency mechanism. This mechanism supports the creation of multiple processes

Model-Oriented Software Architecture 3-resource management model Reading Notes (2)-Lazy Acquisition Model

2.2 lazy acquisition mode The lazy acquisition mode delays the resource acquisition to the last point of the system execution, so as to optimize resource usage. 1. Problem Limited resource availability is a constraint on all software systems. In addition, if the available resources are not properly managed, it may cause bottlenecks to the system and significantly affect the system performance and stability. To ensure that resources are availa

Model-oriented software architecture 2-concurrent and networked object model Reading Notes (14)-concurrent mode and active object

modified by multiple client threads during concurrent object running, the methods and data access must be synchronized, and three mandatory conditions are generated: 1) concurrently calling the processing intensive methods of objects should not block the entire process indefinitely, and reduce the quality of service for other concurrent objects. 2) It should be easy to program synchronous access to shared objects. In particular, the serialization

Model-Oriented Software Architecture 1-model system Reading Notes (2)-image mode

Image The image architecture model provides a mechanism to dynamically change the structure and behavior of the software system, which is divided into two main parts: one metalayer and one basic layer. The meta-hierarchy provides a software self-representation to give the software's own structure and behavior knowledge. The meta-hierarchy is composed of so-call

Model-oriented software architecture 2-concurrent and networked object model Reading Notes (12)-strategized locking

Concurrent Design of various applications. 4. Conclusion Advantages: 1) increased flexibility and personalization. It is easy to configure and customize a component for a specific concurrency model, because the synchronization feature of the component is strategized. If there is no suitable locking policy available for a new concurrency model, the existingCodeTo expand the new lock policy.

Software requirements and architecture training (2) Functional Model

PMT-II Function Model Deployment model 1. Maintain separation of concerns High Cohesion and low coupling 2. Component Classification Business process component: Business Process Model Business Service Components: Methods Technical components: struts, etc. System software c

2. Software Design: the design model is just a hammer!

The design mode is just a hammer! When talking about the design model, it was almost unknown and unknown. The famous "gof" (some Chinese translated as "the four-person gang") was an amazing work. It was really "no one knows about gof in my life, and I have never learned how to design it!" However, the design model is really the "Swiss Army Knife" of software desi

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