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Use sonarqube to check and Measure code quality-install sonarqube

In the past, the focus has been on How to Improve the Quality of the application, not too concerned about the quality of the code level. Recently, due to some factors, we need to pay attention to code-level quality and push the quality work forward as far as possible, in line with the quality control principles. I tried sonarqube (the old version is sonar, ww.son

Sonarqube Code Quality Management

latitude shown in Figure 1, Figure 1. Project Quality Analysis With plugins, Sonarqube can detect code quality from seven dimensions, support more than 20 programming languages including Java,c#,c/c++,pl/sql,cobol,javascript,groovy, and can handle the following problems in the code:1. Poor complexity distribution Files, classes, methods, and so on, if the comple

SonarQube 3.6 Code Quality Management combat

, these three ways have different pertinence, the specific use of which method to be based on the actual situation of the project to be flexible judgment. Back to top SonarQube3.6 code quality analysis result parsing When the project code is successfully parsed, SonarQube Server stores the results of the analysis in the appropriate database and presents the analy

SonarQube code Quality Management Platform Installation and Use

SonarQube code Quality Management Platform Installation and Use Sonar Introduction Sonar is an open-source platform for code quality management. It manages the quality of source code and can detect code quality from seven dimensions. Supports

Linux Learning: Continuous Integration chapter--sonarqube code Quality management Platform Introduction and installation-04

1, the introduction of SonarqubeOfficial website: is an open platform for managing code quality.1.1 Code quality can be detected from seven dimensions (why use Sonarqube)(1) Complexity distribution (complexity): Code complexity is too high

Sonarqube Code Quality Management platform installation and configuration

installing, please describe the relationship between Sonarqube and Sonarqube runner.Sonarqube is a server-side, it has two functions: 1. Analyze source code; 2. Because it embeds the Apache module, it provides Web-side interface access.SonarQube Runner is a command-line tool that leverages the SonarQube server Analysi

Jenkins + Sonarqube Integrated detection Code Quality

be available on Sonarqube server (in admin avatar-my account-security can be generated) for scanning results, uploading to the server for Analysis . Disable Sonarqube configuration--"scm--" Disable the SCM Sensor (default shutdown, click to open it) (Disabling retrieval of error messages from source Control Manager appears to be simpler from source code, but th

Using Sonarqube scanner to analyze project Code _ Code Analysis

Sonarqube Scanner, as a code scanning tool, through which the code of the project is read and sent to the Sonarqube server to allow Sonarqube code analysis.It can be considered that Sonarqube

Sonarqube code Quality Management Platform Installation

: # Mysqladmin-uroot password 'wusc. 123' Log on to the database: # Mysql-u root-P MySQL authorized remote access (use root to log on to MySQL first) Mysql> grant allprivileges on *. * To 'root' @ '%' identified by 'wusc. 321 'with grant option; Mysql> flushprivileges; 2, Configure MySQL In combination with sonarqube, it is best to use the InnoDB Engine for MySQL databases to improve performance. Check what storage engine your MySQL currently provid

Sonarqube Code Quality Management platform installation and use

About SonarSonar is an open source platform for code Quality management that manages the quality of your source code, and can detect code quality from seven dimensionsIn the form of plug-in, you can support code quality management and testing of more than 20 programming languages including Java,c#,c/c++,pl/sql,cobol,ja

Configuration and use of sonarqube code Quality Management Platform

Sonarqube configuration (prerequisite: Log On with the admin user) 1. Install the Chinese localization package: Setting> Update center> availableplugins> localization> Chinese pack > Install 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" code quality a1.png "alt =" wkiom1dgsbddokxuaabqkledwew545.png "/> After the Chinese package is installe

Android Code checker tool Sonarqube

internationalization and reporting documentation. Key Features• Code Coverage: Passing unit tests will show which line of code is selected• Improve coding rules• Search for coding rules: query by name, plugin, activation level and category• Project Search: Search by project name• Compare data: Compare the trend of any measurement in the same tableInstallation of

Static Code analysis tool Sonarqube+sonar-runner installation configuration and use

After the successful configuration of the Code Analysis page:You can see the complexity, syntax usage, repetition, and so on have been analyzed, specific to each method and each sentence of code.Four modes of use:Sonarqube + sonar-runnerSonarqube + mavensonarqube + eclipsesonarqube + IDE IntelliJMode of Use 1:Sonarqube + sonar-runner1. EnvironmentJDK 1.7Sonarqube 4.5.7 (the newest

Sonarqube 6.4 Code Quality management platform installation and use

://, login: admin/admin Second, Sonarqube Scanner 3.0.3 scanner installation 1. Download Address: Https:// 2. Unzip the download package and update the global settings to point to the Sonarqube server by editing sonar-scanner/conf/ #-----Default

Sonarqube Code Quality Management platform installation and use

1.sonar Installation 1.1 Environmental requirementsa). JdkSettings for Environment variables:Java_home=d:\program files\java\jdk1.7.0_67\Path=%java_home%\bin;%java_home%\jre\binClasspath=%java_home%\lib\dt.jar;%java_home%\lib\tools.jar1.2 Sonar InstallationAs a code analysis platform, sonar mainly consists of 3 parts:A. A database: Storing configuration information and analysis results information; (MySQL)B. A Web server: publishing applications, onli

Continuous code Quality Management-sonarqube scanner deployment

1. SonarQube Scanner AddressIn the previous article we installed the SonarQube-7.3 so that we can view the code quality on the page. But the specific scanning work needs Sonarqube scanner to complete.Download page1

Sonarqube Code Quality Management platform better construction and use of data

Http:// (SonarQube) is an open source platform for managing the quality of source code. Sonar is not just a quality data reporting tool, but also a code quality management platform. Supported languages include: Java, PHP, C #, C, Cobol, PL/SQL, Flex, and more.Main Features:

SonarQube code quality management tool environment preparation notes

SonarQube code quality management tool environment preparation notes SonarQube code quality management tool environment building notes Put your technical debt under controlProductivity is falling?Confess your source code to clean it up! Step 1: Install SONAR 1. Prepare the J

SonarQube 5.5 release, Code quality analysis System

SonarQube 5.5 released, Sonar (SonarQube) is an open source platform for managing the quality of source Code. Sonar is not just a quality data reporting tool, but also a code quality management Platform. Supported languages include: Java, PHP, C #, c, Cobol, pl/sql, Flex, and More.

Sonar-scanner Scan Code Error Sonarqube svn:e170001

When you use Sonar-scanner to scan your code, the error is as follows: Error:error during Sonarqube Scanner executionJava.lang.IllegalStateException:Error when executing blame the for file ...... Java-----At Org.sonar.plugins.scm.svn.SvnBlameCommand.blame ( Org.sonar.plugins.scm.svn.SvnBlameCommand.blame ( Org.sonar.batch.scm.ScmSensor.execute (scmsens

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