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Thinkphp web page source code header empty line solution-PHP development

I accidentally checked the source code of the website of wangzhi blog and found that seven lines were left blank at the top of the source code. What happened? I checked the template and found no blank lines at the top. So I opened the controller and

Code header macros

Lower limit   Use a huge set of rights titles of Visual Studio production programs C # VB Four major collections Generateheader is the title of the license edition of the current file production program Generateallheader indicates the


Last year the first contact with less, and he made a home page, but due to the inherent mode of CSS, did not let himself like him. Since the previous period of learning Bootstrap from Twitter again let me touch this less (I have simply

Php CURL function tutorials

CURL introductionCURL is a tool that uses the URL syntax to transmit data and files. It supports many protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, and TELNET. PHP also supports the cURL Library.If we want to obtain the content of a webpage, we may use the

PHP Curl function Getting Started tutorial detailed _php tutorial

In PHP, the Curl function has a set of related functions, it is a very good function, we often use it to imitate a variety of login and collection work, let me introduce you to the Curl function get started. About Curl Curl is a tool that uses URL

Css--less Getting Started

Less is a dynamic style language. Less extends the dynamic behavior of CSS, such as setting variables (Variables), mixed write mode (mixins), Operations (operations), and functions (functions), and, best of all, less uses the existing CSS syntax,

Web Front End Learning notes (CSS change width layout)

Posted on2013-09-30 09:03 Stephen_liu Read (2406) Comments (6) Edit Collection One, "1-2-1" single-column variable width layout:For a variable-width layout, the overall width of the content changes with the width of the browser window first.

What is the header () function in PHP for? Common header Status

What is header information?Here is only a simple explanation, detailed look at the HTTP protocol.In the HTTP protocol, the server-side answer (response) consists of two parts: header information (headers) and body content, where the header

thinkphp 5 Common helper functions

Load_trait: Fast import traits,php5.5 above without calling/*** Fast import traits PHP5.5 above without calling* @param string $class Trait Library* @param string $ext class library suffix* @return Boolean*/Load_trait ($class, $ext = ext)Exception:

PHP header 301/404 Jump to note the detailed _php tutorial

If your page appears 301 or 404 for the user experience is a very serious problem, so we do php header301 or 404 must be careful and careful, and I came to see. 301 Jump The code is as follows Copy Code Header (' http/1.1

In-depth MDI client Window Programming and Improvement

Author: Hu Jian, Department of network science, School of Computer Science, Beijing University of TechnologyWhen using the Appwizard of vc6.0/5.0 to generate the MDI application, we found that the customer background of the MDI main window is the

Php header function download file implementation code

In php, the header function is used heavily. the header can not only send the original HTTP header information to the client, but also directly implement File Download operations, next we will introduce you to the editor. The header function is most

Php implements 301 permanent redirection and 302 temporary redirection methods

The principle of implementing redirection is very simple, that is, the Web server returns an HTTP header to the login visitor. The HTTP header sent by PHP is implemented by the header () function. 301,302,404 these status codes are agreed in the

"Python" gets the HTTP response

A relatively complete HTTP request, input IP and port, output response code, response header, response body, whether timeout, and error message On ErrorProcessing includes:1. Protocol handling, if 443 with HTTPS, others with HTTP2.HTTPError

PHP with cache and no caching performance test

Test program execution time in various environments in thinkphp projects do not use caching: The code is as follows Copy Code Header ("Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8");$starttime =caltime ()//Start time$articles

A detailed _php tutorial on PHP header functions

Header function in PHP is to send some header information before, if we can directly use it to do 301 jump, and so on, let me summarize the use of the header function and some common problems to solve the problem. Sends an original HTTP header [HTTP

Considerations for 301/404 redirection in php header

301 jump The code is as follows:Copy code Header ('http/1.1 301 Moved Permanently ');Header ('Location: /');Exit (); Do not miss the header ('http/1.1 301 Moved Permanently '); otherwise, no 301 is returned.404 error page

Php header Functions

The header function sends some header information in php. If we can directly use it for 301 redirection, I will summarize the usage of the header function and some common solutions. Send an original HTTP Header [Http Header] to the client. The

Php header function download file implementation code

The header function is most commonly used for sending http classes instead of downloading.JumpIt will execute the last one, but it is conditional, for example: The code is as follows:Copy code Header ('Location: ");Header

In-depth MDI client Window Programming

When using the Appwizard of vc6.0/5.0 to generate the MDI application, we found that the customer background of the MDI main window is the same as that of the dark gray. Vc6.0/5.0 does not provide a method to modify its background color. Even SDK

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