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How to use the session of the framework in the php framework codeigniter

This article gives a detailed analysis of how to use the framework session in the php framework codeigniter. For more information, see There are two methods to use session:1 is the original php session usage method. this is very simple. $ _ SESSION [

How to Use the session of the Framework in the php framework codeigniter

There are two methods to use session:1 is the original php session usage method. This is very simple. $ _ SESSION ['name'] = "name" is displayed as needed: echo $ _ SESSION ['name'];2 is a method of the codeigniter framework:The following describes

CodeIgniter Framework Source Notes (--session) user Interface Ci_session_ Framework

Initializes the session class: This−>load−>library (' session′); After initialization, you can use This->session to access the session object.In CLI mode, the session class is automatically closed. In previous versions of CodeIgniter, the session

How to use session_PHP in php framework codeigniter

Parse the php framework codeigniter to use the framework session. There are two ways to use the session: 1 is the original php session usage method, this is very simple, $ _ SESSION [name] name, and then display as needed: echo $ _ SESSION

Thinkphp _php Example of Session () method usage

This example describes the use of the session () method in thinkphp. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The system provides the session management and operation of the perfect support, all operations can be completed through

session_php techniques for how to use frames in PHP framework CodeIgniter

There are two ways to use the session:1 is PHP's original session use method, this is very simple, $_session[' name ']= ' name ', and then display in place where needed: Echo $_session[' name ';2 is one way to codeigniter this framework:Here's a

CodeIgniter Framework Source Notes (--session) Redis Drive Implementation __session

Session Mechanism Session_Start (), The Open (), read () method is invoked. And there is a certain probability of triggering the GC () method.Session_commit () or session_write_close (), triggers the Write (), close () method.Session_destory ()

CodeIgniter Session Refactoring _php Tutorial

To facilitate the use of PHP's session, I have rewritten a simple session method here. Create a new application/libraries/sessions.php with the following content: 01 02if (!defined (' BasePath ')) exit (' No Direct script access allowed ');03 04/**

Codeigniter Session Reconstruction

To facilitate the use of php sessions, I have rewritten a simple session method here. Create application/libraries/Sessions. php with the following content: 0102If (! Defined ('basepath') exit ('no direct script access allowed ');03 04/**05*

Codeigniter learning 2

1 Cache /System/cache directory cleared, set the permission to 666, $ This-> output-> cache (5 ); 5 is how long you want your cache to last in minutes, that is, how long it will take to use static html files before the page is regenerated. 2 file

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