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CodeIgniter Framework Learning Essays, CodeIgniter essays _php Tutorials

CodeIgniter Framework Learning Essays, CodeIgniter essays ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CodeIgniter Frame ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

CodeIgniter framework learning and codeigniter

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Essentials of CodeIgniter framework learning

CodeIgniter framework learning points the following content is excerpted from the brothers' CI teaching video: cntutorials & nbsp; strong & nbsp CodeIgniter framework learning points The following content is excerpted from the

PHP Bulk Download files

Recently developed a picture website with CodeIgniter, found that single file download is easy to implement, bulk download, it is not easy to implement.The following is a reference to the online example, written a test file, encounter the same

Auth User Authentication Library

For the Auth library, the following are recommended:1. Ion_auth, based on Redux rewrite, very good certification library, a lot of foreign use, a few of the latest ci2.0.2 based on open source systems (such as doveforum) used it, support CI 2.0 and

PHP ftp FTP upload file script

Why use this class? Because of an egg ache project, Project Server in another company (referred to as company A) hands, company A, their servers do not open the network permissions, afraid of problems. Because the project is under development, so

Codeingiter 2.2.x and smarty3 integration solution to solve CI Deficiency

Currently, the CI framework is available in version 2.0. I always wanted to try the core of my novel website.I searched my website in China and found no such information. As long as I look for e-wen's website, I still find it. After testing, it can

10 Recommendations for application

Windows apiwindows This multi-job system in addition to coordinating application execution, allocating memory, managing resources ... , it is also a large service center, invoking the service center of the various services (each service is a

Composer helps you easily manage PHP packages

In terms of PHP package management, the development of PHP is very slow. As a result, few programmers are found to use tools such as PEAR. On the contrary, most developers choose their preferred frameworks to Process Code, such as DB interaction,

CI Framework Learning Essays

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CodeIgniter Frame --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecturer: Shi Yiliang Weibo: ----------

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