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CodeIgniter configuration-SESSION usage instance analysis, session usage instance _ PHP Tutorial

CodeIgniter configuration-SESSION usage instance analysis and session usage instance. SESSION usage instance analysis of CodeIgniter configuration. session usage instance this article describes the SESSION usage of CodeIgniter configuration. This

404 problems with codeigniter

Codeigniter 404 is a problem. Hello everyone, the following problem occurs when codeigniter is used at first: 1. it runs normally in Windows XP and a 404 error occurs in linux. 2. access the home page (http: // IP address/project name/or http: // IP

Example analysis of config.php usages of codeigniter configuration _php Example

The config.php usage of codeigniter configuration is analyzed in this paper. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Configuration Instructions $config [' Language ']: Specifies the project language pack. When you need to be

Example analysis of the session usage of CodeIgniter configuration _php Example

This example describes the session usage of the CodeIgniter configuration. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Just use CodeIgniter was also one of the session confused, and then no longer have no use CI from the session,

CodeIgniter 3.0 Support Database read/write separation mode

There are some methods on the Internet that support read-write separation, but too much copy, and some only support 2.0 version, now improve one, support 3.0 version of read-write separationThe environment for this modification is:

CodeIgniter security-related settings summary_php tutorial

CodeIgniter security settings. The CodeIgniter framework provides security settings such as XSS and CSRF attacks and SQL injection attacks. In terms of configuration files: The applicationconfigconfig. ph CodeIgniter framework provides some security

CodeIgniter configuration-SESSION usage instance analysis-php instance

This article mainly introduces the SESSION usage of CodeIgniter configuration, analyzes the running principle of session in PHP in the form of instances, and demonstrates the configuration and usage of session in the CI framework, for more

How to use session_PHP in php framework codeigniter

Parse the php framework codeigniter to use the framework session. There are two ways to use the session: 1 is the original php session usage method, this is very simple, $ _ SESSION [name] name, and then display as needed: echo $ _ SESSION

CodeIgniter security-Related Settings Rollup _php tutorial

The CodeIgniter framework itself provides security settings such as protection against XSS and CSRF attacks, and protection against SQL injection attacks. In the case of a configuration file: In the application/config/config.php $config ['

PHP shopping cart, transplanted to CodeIgniter

PHP shopping cart class, transplanted to CodeIgniter & lt ;? Php *** shopping cart program ModifiedbyCodeIgniter *** classcart {perform regular validation on the product ID and product name attributes var $ product_id_rules.a-z0-9 _-; var $

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