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Download and install the CodeIgniter framework, codeigniter framework _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Download and install the CodeIgniter framework. Download and install the CodeIgniter framework. codeigniter framework CodeIgniter is an application development framework and toolkit for PHP website developers. After learning Php for the first time,

Codeigniter framework-knowledge point summary

No1. learning points: I. Introduction to the codeigniter framework Ii. codeigniter framework Installation Iii. directory structure analysis of codeigniter framework 4. How does codeigniter framework work? 5. Controller, view, model, and database

Summarize some excellent features of CodeIgniter

Summarize some excellent features of CodeIgniter Recently prepared to take over the improvement of a project written by someone else with CodeIgniter, although previously also useful CI, but is completely according to their own meaning

CodeIgniter 4 Recommended Roadmap CodeIgniter thinkphp CodeIgniter 3.0 codeigniter cms

Data-id= "1190000004868218" > After taking into account the wishes and opinions of the community, we also think about what kind of future is most appropriate for CI, and then the CI Council makes some decisions about the future of the framework. In

CodeIgniter Configuration Session Usage example analysis, Session usage Example _php tutorial

CodeIgniter Configuration Session Usage example analysis, Session usage example This example describes the session usage of CodeIgniter configuration. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: Just use CodeIgniter when the session was also

Image processing class extracted from CodeIgniter

Applicable environment: The CodeIgniter framework is not used, however, to introduce a fully functional image processing class CodeIgniter image processing class, you can complete the following operations to adjust the image size, create a thumbnail,

PHP framework Laravel or Codeigniter?

I recently want to build a project. The project is not very large and requires some extension later. The key consideration is performance and development speed. My personal PHP basics are okay. I have only been familiar with Smarty and I am a little

PHP framework Laravel or CodeIgniter?

I have a project recently, the project is not very large, the need for a certain period of expansion, the key to consider is the speed of performance and development. My personal php base is OK, only contact smarty, a little familiar with MVC, did

Code example of Codeigniter smart image cropping

Code example of Codeigniter smart image cropping This article describes how to use Codeigniter to intelligently crop an image. This method keeps the subject meaning of the image as much as possible. For more information, see.

How to use CodeIgniter framework to implement image uploading method

This article mainly introduced the CI (codeigniter) framework implementation of the image upload method, combined with the example form analysis based on the CodeIgniter call file upload class implementation of the image upload function related

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