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Codeigniter framework-knowledge point summary

No1. learning points: I. Introduction to the codeigniter framework Ii. codeigniter framework Installation Iii. directory structure analysis of codeigniter framework 4. How does codeigniter framework work? 5. Controller, view, model, and database

Summarize some excellent features of CodeIgniter

Summarize some excellent features of CodeIgniter Recently prepared to take over the improvement of a project written by someone else with CodeIgniter, although previously also useful CI, but is completely according to their own meaning

CodeIgniter system flow, CodeIgniter process _php Tutorials

CodeIgniter system flow, CodeIgniter process ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enter frame entry file index.php = Define the current environment for the app (for setting the error

CodeIgniter system process and codeigniter Process

CodeIgniter system process and codeigniter Process Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Go to the Framework entry file index. php => Define the current ENVIRONMENT of the

CodeIgniter codeigniter PHP MVC framework China website

We are pleased to announce the official release of the CodeIgniter 1.6.2 version. This release includes more than 29 BUG fixes and 34 feature additions and enhancements. These include improving the interaction between the "Active Record" and the

CodeIgniter View & Models & Controller, codeigniter_php Tutorial

CodeIgniter View & models & Controllers, CodeIgniter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Load view $this->load->view (' home/name '); You can store views with subfolders, the

CodeIgniter 4 Request and Response CodeIgniter thinkphp CodeIgniter 3.0 codeigniter cms

Data-id= "1190000004868315" > CodeIgniter 4 has made a big change in the way the inputs and outputs are handled. In the previous release, including the latest version of V3, the inputs and outputs were handled using two classes containing related

PHP framework Laravel or Codeigniter?

I recently want to build a project. The project is not very large and requires some extension later. The key consideration is performance and development speed. My personal PHP basics are okay. I have only been familiar with Smarty and I am a little

Some excellent practices of codeigniter

Recently, I was ready to take over and improve a project written by someone else using codeigniter. Although I have used CI before, I did not follow the CI routines. For public projects, it is best to follow the framework specifications, so we

Re-examine the PHP framework CodeIgniter VS Zend

We plan to start a new project from scratch and evaluate some PHP frameworks for this. Our alternative list is cake, CodeIgniter, Symfony and Zend. We used each of these 4 frameworks to write an identical small application (a simple wiki application)

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