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A cup of coffee from the Project Manager

I don't know when I like coffee. Busy working, but busy, I always like to have a cup of coffee with some colleagues in the office and leisure area."Old sun, have you gone for another coffee ?" "You will die if you don't drink coffee !" My colleagues often tease me. At this t

Photoshop draw a full coffee with foam effect cup production tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis and sharing to draw a coffee with foam effect of the production of a cup of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Effect chart. The first thought is to use the brush and material, and then see the reply below "not embarrassed oneself how to become strong", then think with the brush will be too simple, did not solve the pr

Photoshop makes a cup of hot coffee

Photoshop makes a cup of hot coffee The introductory text of the tutorial is a bit sketchy, but the general process is explained. When making, you need to handle the light and texture slowly according to the author's tips. It's best to create new layers when you're making them, so it's convenient to modify them.Final effect 1, new canvas 768*1024. 2, new layer, name the

Photoshop draws realistic texture with coffee cup tips

Weibo uploaded a few days ago I copied the picture of the foreign coffee cup, some friends want to know, I decided to take another tutorial, is still a comparative basis ~ Master heartily skip ' The original image of foreigner: People who advertise in design often work overtime to catch up on their homework, and coffee seems to be the pe

Photoshop use a layer to draw a realistic coffee cup tutorial share

For the users of Photoshop software to share a detailed analysis of the use of a layer to draw a realistic coffee cup tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Photoshop CC2015 out a while, and one of the new features I'm interested in is that layer styles can be stacked over and over again, combined with one of the previous popular one Layer style, I made a layer of coffee

Qq network name for girls in ears: tea in coffee cup

that they must be happy. The more afraid the more lonely It hurts a lot Children abandoned by sunshine, Do not hide your eyes on the cloud. Greedy for the world Warm in Anyang. Lonely night. Miss is hurt. Only small wounds Pale for you Now I am no longer your harbor Trembling heart , Grid blue Elegant sorrow Fallen leaves Simple Thoughts Unrestrained, I fall into your eyes The remaining temperature. Tears in your eyes → Free Dancing for years Remaining temperature 1 dispers

[MK] Drink a cup of coffee, write a Makefile

: - "Pseudo-target"Hellomake: gcc -o hellomake hellomake.c func.c-i.create :touch clean#. Phony:cleanclean: rm -F HellomakeAnalyze the above file:Make, do not specify target default is Hellomake.Make create and execute the command ' touch clean '.Make clean, no dependent changes detected, prompting the target file clean is up to date.Obviously, make clean has unintended effect, in order to avoid such conflicts, it is necessary to exclude target from becoming the destina

Photoshop through the warp tool for the coffee cup map example tutorial

Open two files first, as shown below A B First, use the Move tool to drag the cartoon image to the coffee document. Press the "ctrl+t" shortcut to display the bounding box, right-click on the image, and select the Transform command on the Open shortcut menu, as shown in Figure 1, showing the deformable grid, shown in Figure 2. 1 2 Second, drag the anchor point on the 4 corners to the edge of the

Photoshop mouse paints a hot red coffee cup tutorial

Teach us to use PS to draw a red coffee cup, in this tutorial you will learn to use hue/saturation to adjust the object's light and dark relationship, the mouse painting of course also inseparable from the pen tool. Effect Chart: 1. Create a new document 1024X768PX, resolution 72, white bottom. Draw an elliptical path with the Ellipse tool. 2. In the path panel, double-click the work path a

Blue Bridge Cup Training Shortest path (SPFA template vector)

algorithm Training Shortest Pathtime limit: 1.0s memory limit: 256.0MBProblem DescriptionGiven an n vertex, the forward graph of the M-Edge (some of which may be negative, but no negative ring is guaranteed). Please calculate the shortest path from point 1th to other points (vertices are numbered from 1 to n).Input formatFirst line two integers n, M.The next M-line, each line has three integers u, V, L, indicating that u to V has an edge of length L.Output formatA total of n-1 lines, line I repr

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