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Blockchain development (i) building a private chain environment based on Ethereum Go-ethereum

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. After learning from various sources, we decided to start building a private chain environment based on Ethereum Go-ethereum. Because my computer system for WIN8, in order to avoid the window environment too many inexplicable problems, deliberately through the VM built a ubuntu16.04

Development environment for building Ethereum Go-ethereum source code based on Ubuntu system

First, install the Geth CLI environment firstsudo apt-get install geth,这个很重要Second, download the source codegit clone downloaded it to/home/siegel/ethereum/.Change folder permissions to writable Chmod-r 777/home/siegel/ethereum/go-ethereumStep Threesudo apt-get install Software-properties-commonsudo add-apt-repository-y pp

Blockchain development (i) building a private chain environment based on Ethereum (block chain)

Blockchain Development (i) building a private chain environment based on the Ethereum Lihe 2016.07.08 Through the methods described in this article and the script, we can quickly set up their own private chain for blockchain development testing, this article is based on the Ethereum technology to build, divided into tw

Blockchain development (i) An introduction to the private chain environment based on Ethereum __ Blockchain

created an account, Personal.newaccount () Eth.accounts We can create a number of accounts. Step 5: The most important step is to start digging the mineExecute command Miner.start () on the command line and start digging on our blockchain until 100%. This ethereum private chain will be officially launched, and continue to generate the Ethereum. Note the point: 1. The ether

The contract for the development of array additions and deletions based on Ethereum tokens

commercial applications. This paper introduces the core functions of token, including construction, mining, transfer and so on.However, we know that the core of Ethereum is the account system and the smart contract, and what really makes sense is a currency contract that can be circulated between accounts. With these tokens, we can be used for crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and other business applications. The next chapter describes a token contract t

Blockchain Research (iii) building a simple smart contract based on the Ethereum private chain

1. Transfer of account wallet to each other Open Ethereum-wallet.exe Click Account 1 Click Copy Address You are prompted to test the network, do not transfer to the real etheric currency to this account Click Copy anyway duplicate address: 0x102f3f760a9f34b0b6c917ee20f8bc155e39e8d3 Click Send to insert the copied address into the To input box Enter the amount you want to transfer in amount, such as 2018 Click Show more OPTIONS to add additional d

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