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Perl use (), require (), Do (), % INC and @ INC

From: Use (), require (), Do (), % INC and @ INC explained The @ INC Array @ INCIs a special Perl variable which is the equivalent of the shell'sPathVariable. WhereasPathContains a list of directories to search for executables,@ INCContains a list of directories from which Perl modules and

Use of Perl (), require (), do (),%inc and @INC

transferred from: Use (), require (), do (),%inc and @INC explained The @INC array @INC is a special Perl variable which is the equivalent of the shell ' s PATH variable. Whereas PATH contains a list of directories to search for executables,

Can't locate file/copy/recursive. PM in @ INC (@ INC contains:

When I ran the Perl script today, I found an error where "recursive. PM" could not be found: Can't locate file/copy/recursive. PM in @ INC (@ INC contains:/opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level Begin failed -- Compilation aborted at xxxx. pl line 6. The solution is to install the missing recursive. PM and run the following command: Android: antt Lee $ Perl-mcpan-e install "Ins

Install the CollabNet Subversion server on Redhat AS 5.2

1. Download To client and server: CollabNetSubversion-client-1.6.6-1.i386.rpm CollabNetSubversion-server-1.6.6-1.i386.rpm 2. Installation Install the client before installing the Server. Rpm-Uvh CollabNetSubversion-client-1.6.6-1.i386.rpm Rpm-Uvh CollabNetSubversion-server-1.6.6-1.i386.rpm 3. Configuration Create a Repository directory: Mkdir-p/opt/svn/repos Run the configuration script: /Opt/CollabNet_Subversion/bin/Configure-

Collabnet teamforge force password setting

Required: You must change the password forcibly when logging on to the system for the first time. The password must contain numbers and letters.The application lifecycle management (ALM) tool collabnet teamforge enforces password settings:1. Stop all running collabnet services/Etc/init. d/collabnet stop all2. Go to the installation directory in Linux./Opt/

Can ' t locate extutils/ in @INC (@INC contains:/USR/LOCAL/LIB64/PERL5

install Nginx on the server today, report the following error: Can ' t locate extutils/ in @INC (@INC contains:/USR/LOCAL/LIB64/PERL5, thought it was not loaded Perl, Go to yum Install Perl Perl-dev are installed, or did not solve the problem, finally found a foreigner forum to know how to solve. System: CentOS 6.3 64-bit workaround: Yum install Cpan-yyum install Perl-extutils-cbuilder Perl-extutils

Collabnet Subversion server installation and configuration

Download Subversion Http:// Folderid = 91 In this example, select the version to download. 2. Double-click to install the subversion. Click Next during the installation process. 3. After the Subversion is installed, find httpd in the c: \ Program Files \ collabnet Subversion server \ httpd \ conf folder. open the conf file in a text editor and remove the following comments

CSDN and distributed collaboration platform manufacturer CollabNet to reach strategic cooperation [turn]

Look at CollabNet. CSDN with the world's largest distributed collaboration platform manufacturers CollabNet strategic cooperation, for Chinese developers to provide high-quality, free open source project collaboration platform. As the world's largest open source collaboration platform, SourceForge has been known to almost all developers, and developers can find countless open-source software and tools on th

Build a SVN (CollabNet Subversion) server using CentOS

System Version: CentOS 5.6X64 # Downloading the SVN server (CollabNet Subversion)Download CollabNet Subversion and download the latest version at this URL:Http:// JDK1.6 and python2.4 ~ must be installed before you install CollabNet Subversion ~ 2.6.# JDK1.6 Installation cd/opt mvjdk-6u29-linux-x64.b

CSVN (CollabNet Subversion) installation configuration

# create svn Group# useradd-g SVN svnuser # Create user Svnuserand join svn Group# echo 123456|passwd--stdin svnuser Set password to user Svnuser# chgrp-r svn/application/csvn/ set the CSVN directory and its subdirectories as a group of SVN# chmod-r g+rwx/application/csvn/ set the CSVN directory group permissions for read-write execution# chown-r Svnuser:svn/application/csvn/data The owner of the data directory is Svnuserand the group is SVNConfigure sudo permissionsVim/etc/sudoersSvnsuer all=

CentOS Linux Build SVN (CollabNet Subversion) server

Before installing CollabNet subversion, you must first install JDK1.6 and python2.4 ~ 2.6Groupadd svnpasswd svnuser---> 741852mkdir-p/data/develop chgrp-rsvn/data/develop chmod-rg+r Wx/data/developmv/opt/collabnetsubversionedge-2.3.0_linux-x86_64. tar.gz/data/develop/Add users under the SVN group to sudoVi/etc/sudoersLocate root all= (All), and on the next line, add svnuser all= (All)to all, forcing the save to exit.Extract with Svnuser userSu SVNUSER

[Collabnet teamforge] SVN library migration to CTF

Migration steps 1) create a mobile banking project in CTF A) create a user B) add a user to the project team C) create a user group and grant different project access permissions to the user group. D) add a user to the project team 2) InCodeCreate a mobile configuration library in management3) Lock the original SVN Library4) Copy Mobile Code5) Upload the mobile code to the CTF server.6) decompress the code to the unzip *****. Zip-D/svnroot directory in the/svnroot direct

Collabnet teamforge Parent Project and Child Project

Collabnet teamforge Parent Project and Child Project are managed by logical framework inheritance and inheritance Inheritance does not involve membership, permissions of roles and roles, and framework content. Prerequisites for sub-projects to inherit from parent projects: project settings for sub-projects -->Project ToolbarIn the left-side navigation pane. The required module is displayed in the parent project. After the Child Project inherits, th

Ubuntu Install CollabNet Subversion Edge 5.0 (SVN)

"alt=" wkiol1wjb8vgdfthaaa4dj-pxtg598.jpg "style=" Float:none;/> 6.4 Add parameters to the configuration file to ensure that the following items are turned on. 650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 21.png "Style=" Float:none; "alt=" wkiom1wjbx-hrktnaaakda5uqxi396.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 22.png "Style=" Float:none; "alt=" wkiol1wjb1wb

Mongodb_ modifier ($inc/$set/$unset/$push/$pop/upsert ... )

Transferred from: documents that are updated in addition to replacements, only partial updates to one or more documents are required to use the atom's update modifier to efficiently document updates. The update modifier is a special key in theUsed to specify complex operations, such as adding, deleting, or adjusting keys, and possibly manipulating arrays or inline documents.1. $inc----------------

Description, usage, and instance of the. inc file

Inc file [What's inc file] The. inc file, as its name implies, means include file. In fact, the file suffix does not matter for file inclusion. You can include an ASP file or a TXT file.Generally, we use Inc as the suffix because it canThe role of this file. [Why inc

Perl inc Setup Analysis _perl

1) The default Inc is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: @INC: C:/perl/site/lib C:/perl/lib 2 Set up environment variable PERL5LIB to add to Inc, for example:Set Perl5lib=c:\perllibs After setting the Perl5lib as below, Copy Code code as follows: %env: perl5lib= "C:\perllibs" @INC: C:

You cannot call include/common. inc. php.

Cannot call include/common. inc. you can run php manually written to connect to the database by removing the annotator, but the method I want to call is that I cannot call include/common. inc. php dizzy for help lt ;? Phprequire_once (dirname (_ FIL cannot call include/common. inc. php Manually writing a connection to the database can be run without the annotato

Call the C language library function in the assembler, and convert h to Inc.

In assembly languages, it is sometimes convenient to call library functions in C language. First, give a sample program: . 386 . Model flat, stdcall Option Casemap: None ; Include definition Include stdio. inc Includelib msvcrt. Lib . Data Szmsg DB "calls the puts function of C in the assembler! ", 0 . Code Start: Invoke puts, offset szmsg RET End start Is it a bit like the hello, World Program in C. How does stdio.

Use of Inc

Benefits of INC: 1. LongProgramSegmentation 2. The original file method can still be used in Inc, especially viewdata can be used to retrieve data in MVC. We recommend that you split the file when some functions are completed to streamline the main file. [What's inc file]The. inc file, as its name implies, means in

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