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Ubuntu Install CollabNet Subversion Edge 5.0 (SVN)

"alt=" wkiol1wjb8vgdfthaaa4dj-pxtg598.jpg "style=" Float:none;/> 6.4 Add parameters to the configuration file to ensure that the following items are turned on. 650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 21.png "Style=" Float:none; "alt=" wkiom1wjbx-hrktnaaakda5uqxi396.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 22.png "Style=" Float:none; "alt=" wkiol1wjb1wb

Collabnet Subversion server installation and configuration

Download Subversion Http:// Folderid = 91 In this example, select the version to download. 2. Double-click to install the subversion. Click Next during the installation process. 3. After the Subversion is installed, find httpd in the c: \ Program Files \

Install the CollabNet Subversion server on Redhat AS 5.2

1. Download To client and server: CollabNetSubversion-client-1.6.6-1.i386.rpm CollabNetSubversion-server-1.6.6-1.i386.rpm 2. Installation Install the client before installing the Server. Rpm-Uvh CollabNetSubversion-client-1.6.6-1.i386.rpm Rpm-Uvh CollabNetSubversion-server-1.6.6-1.i386.rpm 3. Configuration Create a Repository directory: Mkdir-p/opt/svn/repos Run the configuration script: /Opt/CollabNet_Subversion/bin/Configure-

Build a SVN (CollabNet Subversion) server using CentOS

System Version: CentOS 5.6X64 # Downloading the SVN server (CollabNet Subversion)Download CollabNet Subversion and download the latest version at this URL:Http:// JDK1.6 and python2.4 ~ must be installed before you inst

CentOS Linux Build SVN (CollabNet Subversion) server

Before installing CollabNet subversion, you must first install JDK1.6 and python2.4 ~ 2.6Groupadd svnpasswd svnuser---> 741852mkdir-p/data/develop chgrp-rsvn/data/develop chmod-rg+r Wx/data/developmv/opt/collabnetsubversionedge-2.3.0_linux-x86_64. tar.gz/data/develop/Add users under the SVN group to sudoVi/etc/sudoersLocate root all= (All), and on the next line, add svnuser all= (All)to all, forcing the sav

Linux Configuration CollabNet Subversion edge__linux

Install #web页面 (11). Start Subversion Edge: CD csvn/bin/ sh csvn start #启动 #如果使用start启动失败, you can use the following command SH csvn console #此命令会在控制台输出启动日志 to determine what error caused the startup to fail (12). After the above operation, remember to restart the system, so you can visit: HTTP://LOCALHOST:3343/CSVN Note: If remote access does not work, may be the cause of the firewall, turn

CSVN (CollabNet Subversion) installation configuration

# create svn Group# useradd-g SVN svnuser # Create user Svnuserand join svn Group# echo 123456|passwd--stdin svnuser Set password to user Svnuser# chgrp-r svn/application/csvn/ set the CSVN directory and its subdirectories as a group of SVN# chmod-r g+rwx/application/csvn/ set the CSVN directory group permissions for read-write execution# chown-r Svnuser:svn/application/csvn/data The owner of the data directory is Svnuserand the group is SVNConfigure sudo permissionsVim/etc/sudoersSvnsuer all=

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