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Color Printing by black/white laser printer

and print them four times on the same piece of paper to get the color picture. Pay attention to the following points for better printing: 1. First, the grayscale effect of the printer image, that is, the gray level, must be smooth and uniform, and there should be no line breaks. Some printers claim a gray scale of 128, and the effect is unsatisfactory. Instead o

Color printing method with black and white laser printer-Hardware maintenance

As we all know, laser printer toner used up, the principle of the manufacturers are required to replace the toner cartridge or toner cartridge, but the user in order to save most of the cost is added powder. But you know what? can also be "waste" value for the use of color laser pr

HP1025 Color laser Printer Printing How to calibrate the problem of color bias?

HP1025 Color laser Printer Sometimes after the powder cartridge or long time, often appear color printing distortion, then how to calibrate it, the following to introduce you, HP1025 with the calibration procedures. 1, first click on the desktop desktop lower left corner St

How to implement dual-sided printing for laser black/white printers

1. Connect the computer and printer with the data cable and install the printer driver. 2. After the driver installation, click on the lower left corner of the computer "Start" menu item, find "Printers and Faxes" (Win7 system click on the lower left corner of the computer "Start" menu item, find "Devices and printers").Take the "Win XP" system here for example.

How to improve the printing speed of laser printer

Aspect 1, the built-in processor operating frequency and computing power. It is the high speed of the printer is an important condition, common is the use of RISC processor, working frequency at least 50MHz, high-speed products can reach 100MHz. Aspect 2, the memory configuration size, the maximum can support expands to how many. Generally speaking, the larger the memory capacity, the faster the

How to print double-sided printing on a printer under XP system

1, click on the lower left corner of the screen "Start" menu, select "Printers and Faxes" item; 2, in the Open "Printers and Faxes" window, right click on the need to set up, have double-sided printing function of the printer; 3, in the pop-up dialog box select the "Device Options Setting" tab (differen

Samsung printer how to set dual-sided printing ML-3310ND

If you want the machine to print two-sided files, follow these steps:1. Click the "Start" menu item in the lower left corner of the computer to find "Printers and Faxes" (Win7 system, click the "Start" menu item in the lower left corner of the computer and find "devices and printers"). 2. Find the printer icon for "Samsung ml-331x Series". 3. Right-click

The solution of printing blank page for laser printer

A Epson epl-6200l laser printer, when printing output, sometimes the phenomenon of printing blank pages. Get Epson Repair Center for testing, did not find any hardware problems, and I also use authentic supplies, excuse me, what is the problem caused?With the above description, it is estimated that the problem you are

Samsung printer screen display "dual-sided printing paper jam" solution

phenomenon: cannot print, the machine screen displays "double-sided Printing paper Jam". Reason: There is paper stuck in the duplex unit area. The solution is as follows: 1. Pull the double-sided print unit from the back of the machine. 2. Remove the paper jam from the duplex

How to handle Lenovo laser printer printing exceptions

1, Print fuzzy (light) printer Walk paper Normal, printed text, images, etc. intact, but the whole content or part of the color light. 2, printing bottom ash: Paper has a complete print image, but the paper is not clean, there should not be toner where there is a layer of lighter gray toner.

[Pb] program for bar code printing on a common laser printer

With the increasing application of computers in production, sales, and management, and the popularization of Internet and Intranet, bar code technology is increasingly used in production management and sales management, bar code encoding and recognition technologies have also developed rapidly. Due to the need to build an information management system, our company uses bar codes to identify optical fiber cables in production and manage optical fiber cables. We need to provide bar code

Laser color Printer Maintenance Common sense FAQ and Troubleshooting _ Hardware Maintenance

-Test button, the first light, the other two lights out, possible reasons: 1 printer Lack of paper 2 printer front door open 3) cartridge not installed or installed incorrectly 4) Paper Jam 5 (6) the DC board damage. If the first two lights, after a lamp out, 1 laser error; 2

Laser printer Failure overhaul Daquan 1th/2 page _ Hardware Maintenance

printed page is the first half blank, no image, the second half is the first half of the manuscript, and the image is normal, otherwise the image is distorted.The reason for this is that there is a problem with the bit sensor or the controller, which checks the sensor on the frame next to the scanner track. Found a sensor problem, resulting in a bit of the roll in advance feed, replace the sensor after the trial printing, troubleshooting.The scanner

Samsung printer SCX-4821HN printing pieces light color or fade, how to solve?

If the color of the machine print is light or fading, the following figure shows the operation: Related actions are as follows: Action 1: Replace the toner cartridge to see how the Samsung printer replaces the toner cartridge, the printer replaces the toner cartridge method. Action 2: The paper sp

How to solve the problem of spot printing on Samsung color printer

Phenomenon: Print out the file, what color points have. As shown in figure: Analysis and judgment: 1. Check whether the spots are regular, is a color of the spots, or mixed color. 2. Whether to print monochrome and color are available

Java-implemented printer printing 2

Set the print properties to construct a new empty print request property set. Printrequestattributeset Pras = new Hashprintrequestattributeset ();p Ras.add (New Copies (3));//print copies, 3 copies// Sets the format of the printed data docflavor.byte_array. PNG MIME type = "Image/png", prints the data representation of the class name = "[B" (byte array) of the Docflavor. Docflavor flavor = Docflavor.byte_array. png;//Create print data doc MyDoc = new Simpledoc (New File (""), flavor, NULL); Fin

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