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A little experience with using Photoshop to make Black-and-white photos

In general, Black-and-white photographs can be more historical and stale than color photographs. If you don't think of it in black and white at the time of filming, then we can use Photoshop to convert color photos into

How to paint black and white photos with Photoshop

This tutorial will explain in detail how to paint black-and-white photos with Photoshop software. In the past, people used to color Black-and-white photos by hand, directly using a brus

10 ways to make black and white photos in Photoshop

and judging the color, because we have an objective perception of the world, as we know that the sky is blue and the leaves are green. Black and white tone free of the real world, but also with a unique means to express the real world, giving people more imagination and thinking space, like, meditation like ... Black-and-w

How Photoshop uses layers and masks to color black-and-white photos-PS tutorial

This article introduces Photoshop's techniques for coloring black and white photos, including skin, lips, eyes, hair, and overall Details. at the same time, it uses the layer and mask technology to complete the process, if you are interested, refer to the following, I hope to help you. This article will introduce you to Photoshop's techniques for coloring

How does Photoshop fix old, faded black-and-white photos?

Now many families will have black-and-white photos, but these photos can not withstand years of erosion, gradually fade the color, like old memories gradually blurred. Many of the photos bear our memories, and even carry the lofty years of our ancestors. How do you fix thes

How Photoshop turns Black-and-white photos into color effects

Photoshop Simple Two-step easy to color black and white photos into the effect The general logic of this article is to color a selection with hue/saturation, the color of the picture you want to paint into the number of parts to do how many selection of a color can be. There are some parts of the picture that are not

Photoshop gives black and white photos a rosy complexion

Photoshop gives black and white photos a rosy complexion Original Final effect 1, this tutorial uses the Photoshop CS5 production, other version general purpose, first hits the Kaiyuan diagram, the background copies a "background copy" layer, as sh

Photoshop High-quality black and white effects on Highland photos

Photographer Ansel Adams is always the role model for landscape photographers, his black-and-white photos are hierarchical, contrast strong, and at the same time to maintain a wealth of gray and detail, so his work is very attractive. In the digital age, camera image processing ability is more and more strong, through the post system can also clone its image char

Photoshop transforms Meimei high quality Black-and-white photos

Layer blending is one of the ways I deal with color digital photos ... I think how to do is not the key, the key is to know what is good ... This is going to require a professional eye. Each film's color distribution is not the same, and the content is also before the difference, this time the role of the decision is not technology, but cognitive ... First look at the original image:

Photoshop turns photos into high light black-and-white effects _photoshop

First look at the effect of the picture: Description: Artwork Image: Description: 1, open the picture, press Ctrl+j to copy a layer; Image: Description: 2, image-adjust-application image, channel red, mixed mode for superposition; Image: Description: 3, then, select the channel panel, Blue; Image: Description: Pop up the application image, the blending mode is positive stack, OK; Image: Description: Then select back to

Photoshop Lightroom 4 Making High Contrast Black-and-white portrait photos

Original photos Step 1: Eliminate stains and blemishes First we need to eliminate the stains and blemishes that are easily missed in the photos. To make the stain easier to spot, we first put the curve in this way: This curve gives the image an extreme contrast effect, unrelated to the final photo, just for easy detection of flaws. Now, we're going to use the "stain r

Photoshop paints black and white beauty photos

The tutorial introduces some basics of coloring black and white photos. When the picture is painted, there is a lot of uncertainty, because I do not know the original picture of the true color. Only according to the general guess and the usual color habits to color. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download |

Photoshop Photos turn black and white ink figure painting Effect tutorial

, using the "brush strokes-reinforced edge", set parameters, to make the sharpness of the higher edge more fluid. 9, use the filter--artistic effect--woodcut; Purpose: The Edge line is soft. 10, Merge layer (original picture and background layer do not fit in). 11, the use of deepening the reduction of light, fuzzy tools, such as local adjustment to achieve the final effect. Final effect: Okay, the above information

Photoshop Coloring Course for black and white photos

Black and white artwork: The final effect fruit: First, open this need to color black and white photos of foreign beauty, and then transfer it to lab mode, with a curve adjustment of the contrast of photos, and then to the b

Photoshop quickly paints Black-and-white photos

Today, a friend of mine asked me to help him color the Black-and-white photos. So the PS to the black and white photos to color the production of the tutorial sent to friends to see it, like to come, but then said back to the prod

Photoshop turns character photos into Black-and-white watercolor painting effect

There are many ways to make watercolors, and here is a slightly more complicated approach. The general process: first the picture into black and white, and then copy several layers, each layer needs to use a filter to make a similar watercolor texture, and then change the blending mode, and mask control range. Later appropriate fine-tuning can be.   Photoshop Tu

Picture II and Photoshop color black and white photos

The appearance of the mouse, greatly improved the operation of the computer, but the development to today, because of the progress of the times, its ability has always been limited. As an art creator, graphic or animation designer, if only using a mouse for drawing, can be described as a painful thing, even with superb mouse skills, accurate Click ability, also not as intuitive as the pen on the artboard brush! So, with a powerful and flexible creative software and tools to make your design work

Photoshop for Black-and-white photos plus rainy night effect

This tutorial introduces how to make a rainy night effect. Roughly divided into two major parts to complete. First need to dim the picture, if the background is white need to use reverse phase to black. Then there are some decorative effects of the production, such as adding raindrops, borders, text and so on.OriginalFinal effect 1, open an original image, if it is a color original, first go color into

Photoshop color black and white photos for mm

Black and white photo coloring methods are various, generally relatively simple. But some friends who have not been trained in art and color will suffer when they are painted. Because there is no attention to the color of the warm and cold, often the final effect is not very real. Form a "monochrome sketch". Attention to the next figure on the right side of the difference between processing and cooling.

Photoshop brings up portrait photos with high quality black and white effects

Final effect diagram, as shown below: 1, the original effect is good. This article is mainly to explain the black and white image processing ideas. Open the image in PS, as shown in the following figure: 2, select/Color range, select "High Light" after the high light selection, and then establish a curve adjustment layer, the following figure: 3, the curve adjustment l

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