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COM component and DLL file differences

Go The difference between COM components and DLLs2014-8-14 Read 169 comments 0COM English is the Component Object model (Component object models), which is the standard for Microsoft production software components.It is a specification for

Differences between COM components and general DLL

This time I was thinking about how to use a small program with COM components. I suddenly remembered why I used com during the last interview, instead of using a common DLL? After checking it on Google, many people also asked the same question:

In-depth DLL programming in Delphi

In-depth DLL programming in DelphiAuthor: CEN Xin Introduction I believe that some friends with computer knowledge should have heard of "dll ". Especially those who have used the Windows operating system should have had the "miserable" experience of

DLL compiling tutorial

Document directory DLL advantages The simplest dll Load DLL (explicit call) Run the dumpbin command to view functions in the DLL. How to define output functions in dll Def File Explicitly call functions in DLL _ Declspec (dllexport)

In-depth DLL programming under Delphi

Zen CentThe article has been collected, written too well, back up a copy of theAuthor: that some computer knowledge of friends should have heard of the "DLL." In particular, those

[Tips] the first part of COM programming-What is com and how to use com

Since: Id = 212   The purpose of this article is to provide a programming guide for programmers who have just come into contact with COM and help them understand the basic concepts of COM. The content

Various call methods for dll/COM compiled by C ++ and C #

COM objects have been the basis of Windows Programming for many years. It is inevitable that the existing COM objects still need to be used during the transition to. net. "Interoperability encapsulation processing" is a packaging process. When you

Dll lib exe connection and Difference

What is the relationship between lib and dll?From (1) lib is required during compilation and dll is required during runtime.If you need to complete source code compilation, it is enough to have

Use DLL files in delhpi

Chapter 1 Why dynamic link library (DLL) When you mention a DLL, you will not be unfamiliar. in Windows, there are a large number of files suffixed with DLL, which are an important guarantee to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of Windows.

Introduction to COM programming have to read the article: The first part what is COM, how to use COM

Original: Http:// purpose of this article is to provide programming guidance to programmers who have just contacted COM and to help them understand the basic

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