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COM component and DLL file differences

Label:Go The difference between COM components and DLLs2014-8-14 Read 169 comments 0COM English is the Component Object model (Component object models), which is the standard for Microsoft production software components.It is a specification for

In-depth DLL programming under Delphi

Tags: structure process space Func function name Sam reference body modal accessZen CentThe article has been collected, written too well, back up a copy of theAuthor: that some

How to write a DLL (to deepen understanding with command-line compilation)

Label:Advantages of DLLSimply put, DLLs have several advantages:1) Save memory. The same software module, if reused in the form of source code, is compiled into different executable programs, and the binaries of these modules are repeatedly loaded

Delphi Make DLL

Label:One, open your first DLL project1.file->close all->file->New﹝dll﹞ Code://automatically generate code as followslibrary Project2; //that's a piece of crap .uses sysutils, Classes; {$R*.  RES} begin end. 2. Add a Func in: Code: library

Introduction to COM programming have to read the article: The first part what is COM, how to use COM

Label:Original: Http:// purpose of this article is to provide programming guidance to programmers who have just contacted COM and to help them understand the basic

COM programming-Registering a COM server in the form of a DLL

Label:This article does not involve any explanation of the technology of COM, just to say how to write a good DLL form of COM how to use. As shown, I already have a COM server in the form of a DLL and a COM client that uses a COM server:Now this DLL'

Python extension interface [2] dynamic link library dll[0, dynamic link library and auxiliary tools

Tags: getc experience model Special article part ROM size boardDynamic Link library /Dynamic Link LibraryDirectory Introduction to Dynamic Link library Function Encapsulation DLL Component Object Model COM How to tell if a. dll

The difference and use of c++:lib and DLL

Label:There are two kinds of libraries:One is that Lib contains the information (ingress) of the DLL file in which the function resides and the location of the function in the file, which is provided by the DLL that is loaded in the process space by

From COM to COM Houtie 1998.06.12

Label:Summary:This article is a brief introduction to the basic concepts of C + + object model and Component object model and introduces four books:1. Inside the C + + Object Model2. Essential COM3. Inside COM4. Understanding ActiveX and OLE--A

DLL encapsulation and calling object technology in Delphi (Liu Yi, with screenshots)

Label:DLL encapsulation and calling object technology in DelphiThis article publishes the 3rd issue of Dr.dobb's software development, published in October 2003.Liu YiSummaryDLL is one of the most widely used dynamic linking technologies, but the

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