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English Grammar final Collector's note-6 "modal verb +have+ done" meaning

Meaning of "modal verb +have+ done"1, must has the meaning of done. "Must have+ past participle" means speculation in the past, meaning "must have been, presumably already, must have been ...", only used in affirmative sentences. For example:The

Learning programming has come up with 8 words: "brilliant"!

1 Professional, 2 static, 3 modest, 4 Funding, 5 wu6 Shen, 7 passthrough, 8 Heng 1. "The spring breeze is like a night, and the flowers bloom in the tree." The current technology is everywhere. Do not be greedy.Do not blindly pursue new technologies.

The original meaning and production of 26 English letters

We all know that Chinese characters are hieroglyphs, but if English is also hieroglyphics, you will think pure nonsense. In fact, the origins of the 26 letters of English do come from hieroglyphs. The 26 letters originally originated from Egyptian

Do not use Chinese methods to back up English words. The British do this!

Who invented English? British! Do British people recognize Chinese? No! So the British do not need to remember the Chinese meaning of the word when learning English words? No. There are no Chinese characters in the English textbook of the British.

If you don't understand the Fourier transform, then come and strangle me. "Full Version"

Original source: Han HaoKnow: HeinrichWeibo: @ Peanut oil workersA story that has nothing to do with timeI would like to dedicate this article to the Dalian Maritime University Wu Nan teacher, Liu

If you don't understand the Fourier transform if you read this, come and strangle me.

"Reprint" should allow the reader to understand the Fourier analysis without looking at any mathematical formula.Fourier analysis is not only a mathematical tool, but also a mode of thinking that can completely subvert a person's previous worldview.

Why do we need to back up website data?

Why do we need to back up website data? I believe that you read this article as a person with your own website. is the website important to you? Is data important to you? The answer is yes. If it's not important, what should we do when we

On the bloody example, essence and physical meaning of convolution

As a hard-pressed engineering student, "Signal and system" + "digital signal processing" is not the past, a variety of headache concepts and mathematical formula: Fourier variation, Laplace change, Z-transform, convolution, cyclic convolution,

HR-Provided CV revision advice (back up, change your resume to see it again)

Turn from V2ex Forum, there are finishing and typesetting.Original address;Author @Sunyanzi—————————————————————— Split Line ——————————————————————————I have been in the management of the post for several years, and

Teach you back words

Http:// recite words Hjsufe1010 published on 06-02-09 How can we memorize so many words? The most important thing is: If you want to be more successful than others, you must take a shortcut. Do

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