command to check openssl version in windows

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Use OpenSSL to generate certificates in Windows and Linux

To generate a certificate in OpenSSL, follow these steps:1. generate an RSA private key file and generate a certificate application for this private key file.First, you must enter a password to encrypt the RSA private key file and ask the user to

OpenSSL-based HTTPS service configuration

OpenSSL-based HTTPS service configuration CA Server: Httpd server: Operating system version: RedHat 6.5 (x_86_64) 1. Install openssl 1. Source Code installation: Openssl: wget

How to compile OpenSSL in Windows

After decompressing OpenSSL, you can find an install. w32 file in its directory. This file is the installation instructions in windows. You can use ultraedit to open it.1. Install Perl. Perl can be downloaded from

Compile OpenSSL in Windows

Compile OpenSSL in Windows 1) visit download the latest version. In this example, the URL address is 0.9.8kin the format of 9.5.23, and the URL address is openssl-0.9.8k.tar..gz. 2) decompress the

openssl+ front-end Jsrsa signature + back-end Nodejs verification

As the title shows, the overall section is divided into three parts:First, install OpenSSL under WIN10 and then generate the RSA public and private key via the OpenSSL tool(1) Win10 under the installation of OpenSSL required tools are:

Detailed description of encryption and decryption principles and the self-built CA process of OpenSSL

1. Introduction to encryption and decryption 1. Information security standards NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) National Institute of Standards and Technology, developed three elements of network information security and

Using the OpenSSL management certificate and SSL programming part 3rd: Export MinGW compiled OpenSSL DLLs to Def and Lib for msvc use

Export the MinGW compiled OpenSSL DLL to Def and Lib for msvc useBefore we used MinGW to compile OpenSSL into a dynamic library, we got the following 2 DLL files:Libeay32.dllSsleay32.dllThen use the following script to generate the module definition

Secure Communication System-OpenSSL installation and compilation and certificate generation

1. Download compilation and install Configuration Download the latest or stable version of OpenSSL from the openssld official website ( (the version of this experiment is openssl-1.0.1c), and decompress the package. After

OpenSSL installation on Win32 platform

Please indicate the source of the post: I think it is not very nice for Unix people to have a preference. They always like to provide source code directly, so that users can compile it on their own. It is annoying. I

Installation and configuration of Nagios monitoring linux+windows under Linux

Introduction of Nagios Nagios is an open source computer system and network monitoring tool, can effectively monitor Windows, Linux and UNIX host State, switch routers and other network settings, printers and so on. When the system or service

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