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Java Document Comment writing format

Java documentation Comments are written in Java document annotations on the Sun home pageHow to Write Doc Comments for the Javadoc Tool it's in English.@author Dfeixtay@version 0.10 2010-10-041

Oracle comment: Significance of comment on

  Comments are now accepted and recognized by everyone. Third-party plug-ins are provided in all programming ides to support the extraction of comments.Quickly understand the structure functions. However, in writing database scripts, I also

Keyword Identifier comment

Keywords 1. What is a keywordKeyword is the C language provides a special meaning of the symbol, and some places are also called "Reserved words."2. What are the key wordsThe C language provides a total of 32 keywords, all of which are given special

How to write comments in HTML? What are the comment symbols in HTML? (attached example)

This article mainly introduces the comment symbols in the HTML, the notation symbol and the annotation symbol instance parsing, next let's look at this article together The first thing we need to know is what is the comment symbol in HTML? The

Comment on your code

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Every once in a while, there's always a nasty post on the web, the idea is that you shouldn't write a comment for the code, the only reason it exists is because the

Php imitates the functions (middle) of the QQ space or circle of friends to publish, comment, reply to, or delete dynamic or comments. php circle of friends

Php imitates the functions (middle) of the QQ space or circle of friends to publish, comment, reply to, or delete dynamic or comments. php circle of friends How to publish and dynamically present the content in the previous article. Now let's take a

Crazy Java handout (version 3rd). (Li Gang) -- Comment

Crazy Java handout (version 3rd). (Li Gang) -- Comment 1. Necessity of annotation:1) You or others can easily understand the process and ideas of this code when restructuring the system.2) increase the readability of your code.3) When an error

Career norms-Comment

Zookeeper The system has been knocked out in the past two days, and the overall debugging has been completed. During the debugging process, a major problem has been found, that is, your own annotations are not enough, sometimes I don't understand

Several main methods of wordpress filter Spam Comment Summary _php example

Because personal blog station space and MySQL space is often limited, shared server resources are limited, so spam comments must be intercepted in writing to the database. More exasperating is to see the statistics of the space, very thousands of

Js/javascript Code Comment Specifications and examples

Note In the code writing process of importance, write code more than half a year can be deeply realized. Code that is not annotated is not a good code. For others to learn, at the same time for their own later to the code "upgrade" to see the

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