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6. Oracle rollback (ROLLBACK) and undo (undo)

Reprinted from:, rollback (ROLLBACK) and undo (undo)Rollback and roll forward are important means of ensuring that the data in an Oracle database is in a consistent state. --Before the 9i

Undo tablespace and rollback segments

Undo tablespace and rollback segments The Undo/rollback tablespace is the tablespace used to store rollback segments. The rollback segment is the data space of the image before Oracle saves the modified data. Each rollback segment contains some

Oracle transaction row-Level Lock storage point rollback commit

Oracle transaction row-Level Lock storage point rollback commit. Note that A and B are not two ORACLE accounts, but two connection sessions. The above is just Oracle transaction row-Level Lock storage point rollback commit. Note that A and B are not

Oracle daily practice trigger cannot invoke or indirectly invoke a DCL statement such as Commit,rollback

triggers cannot invoke or indirectly invoke a DCL statement such as Commit,rollbackDDL statements and Commit,rollback statements cannot be run in triggersDDL statements: DDL statement terms define and manage objects in the database, such as

Oracle Transactional operations (rollback and commit of transactions)

Before looking at this article, make sure that you understand the concept of Oracle transactions and locks as it is, but do not understand, refer to the consistency and atomicity of database transactions and Oracle TM and TX Locks1. Commit a

Common Errors and Solutions of rollback segments

(1). insufficient space for rollback segments ORA-01562-failed to extend rollback segment number string The reason for insufficient rollback segment space is generally as follows: A. The remaining free space in the tablespace where the rollback

Start transaction, commit, and rollback syntax

Start transaction,COMMIT, AndROLLBACKSyntax From: Of course, the article noted from MySQL, but MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle start tracmsaction, commit, and rollback syntax are no problem in DML. I hope

Commit and rollback commands in Oracle Database

Here I will only briefly introduce these two commands, but they are used in the process of use. So I will mention them here. If you are interested in this, you can search for more introductions. Please share them ~~ A Database Transaction starts

Commit and rollback in Oracle

  Commit and rollback in Oracle Commit means to confirm the submission. For example, if you use the test account to log on to the database and insert a record to the table without commit, other accounts will not be able to query your insert record

Nine Key Points of Oracle performance adjustment: Five rollback (UNDO) segment optimization

1. Concepts Transaction uses the extent in the rollback segment in a round-robin manner. When the current extent is full, it is moved to the next extent. Multiple transactions may write data to the same extent at the same time, but only one

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