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Savepoint of Oracle

What is savepoint? Use The SAVEPOINT statement to identify a point in a transaction to which you can Later roll back. For example: SQL> SELECT * FROM SCOTT. DEPT; DEPTNODNAME LOC---------------------------------10ACCOUNTING NEW YORK20 RESEARCH

Commit and savepoint in Oracle stored procedures

Oracle 11g Create or replace procedure skeletonISBEGINBeginInsert into a values (10 );BeginInsert into a values (11 );End;End;Begin-- Savepoint ps;Insert into a values (20 );Commit;End;BeginInsert into a values (30 );End;Insert into a values (40 );--

START TRANSACTION, Commit and rollback syntax

Start transaction, commit and rollback syntaxStart Transaction | Begin [Work]commit [Work] [and [No] chain] [[No] release]rollback [work] [and [No] chain] [[No] release]set autocommit = { 0 | The 1}start transaction or BEGIN statement can begin a

Method of setting the SavePoint for transaction rollback in Java JDBC usage _java

The new JDBC3.0 save Point Interface provides additional transaction control. Most modern DBMS in their environment, such as Oracle's Pl/sql, support SavePoint. Defines a logical rollback point in a transaction when a save point is set. If an error

Start transaction, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK syntax

Start transaction, commit, and rollback syntaxStart transaction | begin [work] commit [work] [and [no] chain] [[no] release] rollback [work] [and [no] chain] [[no] release] set autocommit = {0 | 1} start transaction or begin statement can start a

Transactional operations (Begin/commit/rollback/save TRANSACTION)

BEGIN TRANSACTIONMarks the starting point for an explicit local transaction. BEGIN TRANSACTION The @ @TRANCOUNT by 1 increments.BEGIN TRANSACTION represents a point where data referenced by a connection is logically and physically consistent at that

Oracle Transactional operations (rollback and commit of transactions)

Before looking at this article, make sure that you understand the concept of Oracle transactions and locks as it is, but do not understand, refer to the consistency and atomicity of database transactions and Oracle TM and TX Locks1. Commit a

JDBC Transaction management and SavePoint example

The JDBC API provides the Setautocommit () method through which we can disable autocommit database connections. Autocommit should be disabled because only such transactions are not automatically committed unless the connection's commit () method is

Commit and rollback commands in Oracle Database

Here I will only briefly introduce these two commands, but they are used in the process of use. So I will mention them here. If you are interested in this, you can search for more introductions. Please share them ~~ A Database Transaction starts

Oracle daily practice trigger cannot invoke or indirectly invoke a DCL statement such as Commit,rollback

triggers cannot invoke or indirectly invoke a DCL statement such as Commit,rollbackDDL statements and Commit,rollback statements cannot be run in triggersDDL statements: DDL statement terms define and manage objects in the database, such as

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