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Common Bugs and bugs

Common Bugs and bugs Error Log Diagram It took me half an hour to get this mentally retarded error. The project was good, and a lot of things were added due to the revision, so it was out of limit. At first, I always reported the following figure's error, I always thought it was the fault of retrofit, but it was a good framework and never changed. How cou

Common Bugs in Internet Explorer 6 and their fixing methods, and bugs in Internet Explorer 6

Common Bugs in Internet Explorer 6 and their fixing methods, and bugs in Internet Explorer 6 IE6 does not support min-height. The solution is to use css hack: . Target {min-height: 100px; height: auto! Important; height: 100px; // The content height in IE6 exceeds the automatically extended height} olInternalliThe serial number is 1, not increasing. Solution

git uploaded folder notes, git common commands, git common bugs

upload the code to the GitHub remote warehouse Git push-u origin Master11 After execution, if there is no exception, wait for execution to upload success, the middle may let you enter username and password, you just enter GitHub account and password on the line common errors and solutions for git command line Operations If you enter $ git Remote add Origin (GitHub account name)/gitdemo (project name). Git Prompt error message:

Browser-compatible tour of the third stop: IE common bugs

Browser-compatible tour of the third stop: IE common bugs reproduced from: Http:// Internet explorer--Front-End Siege division of the nightmare, 10 have nine front-end personnel think he for the world is not shallow, should have destroyed him e

Browser-compatible tour of the third stop: IE common bugs

Browser-compatible tour of the third stop: IE common bugs reprinted from: Http:// Internet explorer--Front-end siege division of the nightmare, 10 have nine front-end people think he is not shallow, should have killed him early, but God has the

Ie7, 8 Common Bugs, a total of 257 bug summary? How to solve the historical bug of ie, ie7257

Ie7, 8 Common Bugs, a total of 257 bug summary? How to solve the historical bug of ie, ie7257Ie7 and 8 Common Bugs, a total of 257 bug Summary For web developers, the browser bug and special backup are the bug of ie, which is a nightmare for many people, because the update of ie is not as fast as ff, chrome, safari, a

10 Common JavaScript bugs

Translator by: in the development of security, I basically do not use = =. Original: Ten COMMON JAVASCRIPT BUGS and how to AVOID them Translator: Fundebug In order to ensure readability, this paper uses free translation rather than literal translation. In addition, the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, translation is only used for learning.Even the most awesome Java

Android-Common Bugs and solutions, androidbugs

Android-Common Bugs and solutions, androidbugs Reprinted please indicate the source: 1. android. view. WindowManager $ BadTokenException: Unable to add window -- token null is not for an applicationSolution: Change getApplication to xxxx. this.2. call you are unregister onbrocastRevicer?Solution: forget to cancel Broadcast3. Installation error: INSTA

Seven common tips for debugging bugs in Eclipse

that the local debug program is not connected to the server side.This machine serves as the service sideYou only need to modify the "Connection Type" as a client compared to the native machine.At this point eclipse will enter the state of waiting for the connectionThe connection program uses the following parameters to connect to the local server, IP address should be replaced by implementing IP ~ ~"-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,suspend=y,address="F:\study\eclipsepro\screensn

IE6 Common Bugs and ie6bugs

IE6 Common Bugs and ie6bugs 1. IE6 weird parsing: Calculation of padding and border into width and heightCause: Non-box model Parsing is caused by no document DeclarationSolution: add the Document declaration. 2. IE6 doubles the margin value when the block element, left and right float, and marin is set (bilateral distance)Solution: display: inline 3. The following three types are actually the same bug,

TableView circular references and two common bugs in a cache pool

), UITableViewCellStyleValue1, UITableViewCellStyleValue2, Uitableviewcellstylesubtitle* Source files are as follows* Uitableviewcellstyledefault, //Simple cell with text label and optional image view (behavior of Uitableviewcel L in Iphoneos 2.x)UITableViewCellStyleValue1,//left aligned label on left and right aligned label on right with blue text (used in Set Tings)UITableViewCellStyleValue2, //Right aligned label on left with blue text and left aligned label on right (used in Pho ne/contacts)

[Z] solutions to nine common IE bugs for Web programmers

Editor's comment: Web programmers and designers often suffer for the strange performance of their CSS in IE, and IE is recognized as the poison of Web programmers. This article summarizes the nine most common bugs in IE and their solutions. This article is from's article 9 most common IE Bug and Its fix, which has changed some mistakes. Internet Ex

9 Common CSS bugs and workarounds for E-browser

We often see this phenomenon when we browse the Web page: It is normal for a webpage to open in IE6 browser, but opening in IE8 may be completely distorted. Or there is the possibility of a completely opposite phenomenon. This makes it painful for web programmers and designers to behave strangely for their CSS in various versions of IE, sometimes by designing separate definitions specifically for IE6 or IE8. IE is therefore recognized as a Web programmer's poison, although the Microsoft Official

Ten common solutions to prevent IE6 from bugs

The following ten solutions are some default settings for div + CSS layout bugs that often occur in IE6. Due to the many bugs in IE6, therefore, we often encounter some inexplicable layout problems when creating pages. Every time we encounter problems, we will find the corresponding page location and CSS, use the following solutions to avoid some common IE6

Common bug bugs in front-end development

1, IE6 double margin bug (trigger condition: block attribute tag; float; horizontal margin setting; IE6. Workaround: Add Display:inline to the CSS. )2, the common property of CSS is declared first, if the browser has default margin and padding value for some tags, first declare the default value is 0.3, the CSS class name must have the actual meaning, must be related to the content, should not use a pure number for class name.4, IE6 under the label ne

Common IE browser bugs

Common IE browser bugs The Child Window cannot be directly modified by the parent windowSelectOfOptionsBut it must be indirectly implemented through a function of the parent window,FirefoxCan be directly modified. You cannotTD or trAdd events dynamically on the element,FirefoxYes. I have to addDivIt is very troublesome to fill the entire cell. (3) when you use the ihtmlwindow onafterprint

Android Phone test common bugs

style conforms to the design A variety of mobile phones, whether the appropriate style 7. Interactivity The operation of the phone and text messages, other delivery, whether the normal display 8. Audio and video When audio, video playback, push app, sound is off Audio, video playback, insert headphones, headset can hear sound 9. Slide Swipe left or right to toggle the current page When it is up and running When it falls, whether it is no

Common bugs and solutions for Tomcat summary _tomcat

: org.apache.commons.dbcp.SQLNestedException:Cannot create poolableconnectionfactory (network error Ioexception:connection refused:connect) Question 2: caused by:java.sql.SQLException:Network error ioexception:connection Refused:connect Question 3: caused By:java.NET.ConnectException:Connection refused:connect Workaround: run the Tomcat problem while the database is not open, and open the database. Question 4:java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor.visit (iiljava/lang/stri

IE6 Common bugs (self-summary)

completely, floating elements are more or will be a problem2. Recommendation: Add _background:none to floating elements;8>Minimum width not supported under IE6Workaround:Use IE6 sub-level can open the parent of the bug, to IE6 plus _width:200px;White-space:nowrap, (not the meaning of a newline) so that the content can open up the parent11> opacity wide and high adaptive time IE6Solution: To IE6 alone write _hiehgt:99999px; _overflow:hidden;12> IE6, the anchor element is positioned next to the f

9 Common Android Development bugs and Solutions (Permission denied)Workaround, the resource file writes the following permissions9. When the runtime appears re-installation failed due to different application signatures . solution (1) cmd, Go to command line, CD to Platform-tools under SDK, execute command: ADB uninstall application's package name Results success, re-run it again such as E:\android\ android-sdk-windows\platform-tools> adb uninstall COM.WTT Success (2) Uninstall th

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