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thinkphp multiple applications, such as a system with Web, micro-site, and external interface, how to common business logic?

The thinkphp framework currently in use is web, micro-site, and interface with third-party collaboration. How does the thinkphp framework support a common set of business logic codes for multiple applications? or other solutions. Is there a PHP framework that can directly support such architectures Reply content: The thinkphp framework currently in use is

Building SOA portfolio Business Services, part 1th: Developing SOA portfolio applications to support business services

Introduction Composite applications provide the ability to integrate existing service-oriented architecture (Service-oriented-architecture, SOA) services and/or create new services that can be combined in different ways. The key to composite applications is to use SCA to create reusable software assets as SOA service implementations. We use WebSphere Process Ser

Interface Design of Business web applications

applications. 1. websites and web applicationsWe can easily mix web applications and websites, just like the user interface design and web page design. In fact, they are very different in nature from other aspects. This article will discuss this with you. A website is more like a set of web pages, most of which are static text, images, and videos. It only has limited interaction functions (except for the c

Beyond SOA: A new Enterprise application framework for dynamic business applications

Introduced In a paper called "Dynamic Business Applications Imperative," a senior analyst at Forrester, John R. Rymer, identified a fatal flaw in today's application: Today's applications force people to find a way to map isolated information and functional groups to their tasks and processes, forcing IT staff to spend a high budget on tracking changing markets

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of UF ERP software system and the advantage of integrated business software system

Every fast-growing enterprise is striving to find the best business system to manage its expanding business. As a result, various applications are installed in different departments in various functional areas. resulting in inefficient business processes and the emergence of softwa

Beyond SOA: A new Enterprise application framework for dynamic business Applications (2)

, but has been modified for adaptive systems such as enterprises. Introduced It's time to say goodbye to the manual workshop and add the right engineering technology to software engineering. This is the only way to build complex software applications, especially in the enterprise domain, into highly reliable, easy to change, and easy to debug public standards.

Openexpressapp make business engineers develop applications

ArticleDirectory Development Plan Considerations What do we need ...... I have written a seriesOpenexpressappBy now, tens of thousands of OEA source code downloads have been made. Most people may still use this framework with learning attitude. After all, the time and manpower are limited, and the OEA itself is also relatively complicated, so now I am basically satisfied,We will continue to applyModel-driven software factoryConce

High-end applications of VoIP phones for Business Communication

In the field of mobile instant messaging applications, VoIP is the most popular. Unlike Common Instant Messaging Software, VoIP phones support instant messaging that is traditionally "online, one of the biggest advantages of VoIP is that you can directly use computer, mobile phone, Apple iphone, and other Internet terminals to call a phone to any mobile phone or

Data competition: Business Intelligence applications in the U.S. retail industry

. First, the application of mobile commerce intelligence. Att in the United States has partnered with vaultus software to launch the Retail Business Intelligence mobile solution, A P, Avon, store managers of American retailers such as TJX company can view dial reports on their mobile phones. Microstrategy, one of the giants of business intelligence, also announc

Business component development practices for enterprise applications

, only equinox of eclipse proposed the interface extension point mechanism, but this cannot solve the problem of B/S environment, and there is no solution to the problem of data isolation. SCA is oriented to enterprise applications from the very beginning, but it does not solve the problems of interaction isolation and data isolation. In addition, for industry ISVs, in addition to these problems faced by enterprise users, they also face other problems

Vsto learning materials: office business applications (Oba)

predominantly) the Microsoft servers with Sharepoint Server being key, followed by unified communications (office communication server), exchange and groove servers. it also extends to non-Microsoft vendor products including SAP, PeopleSoft, even CAD programs. Here's how they fit together: (Note: This is my own summary of Oba-based on an excellent Steve Fox webcast on Oba)Line of business (LOB) Applications

Software viewpoint-relationship between business and technology from the horizontal and vertical fields

At present, most management software companies in China have several categories, some pull orders by relationship, one by one, technology is not important to them, and relationship is always the first. Some companies focus on user needs and thoroughly understand user services. These companies are very concerned about their businesses, that is, they are ranked first in the horizontal field. Another type is already well-known in the industry. To be an e

Case: Virtualization in key business applications

Do you want to virtualize 95% of your production servers in a year? The following is the experience of implementing virtualization by the chief technology officer of Transplace, a logistics company. His company did not initially have any virtualization technology, and later, the company's mission-critical applications were running on virtual machines. Many CIOs want to know how far they are from application virtualization and how quickly virtualizati

The introduction of design patterns in real business applications Abstract Factory mode for encapsulation of database access Components

Tags: MSSQL client abstract share picture serve img Single example structure downloadThe introduction of design patterns in real business applications Abstract Factory mode for encapsulation of database access ComponentsCommon database access Components built on C #The common database access component based on C #, fully supports the open and close principle, des

Data Mining in business intelligence applications

XXXX (I don't know why people on cnblogs are so resistant to xxxx, haha ......) Launched" Experience the SQL Server 2005 "Activity, of course, some SQL Server 2005 Article Translated into Chinese. Add it to favorites! Article 2: Data Mining in business intelligence applications Smart Application Platform Over the past two decades, with the rapid economic development, organizations have collected a

Windows and Line-of-business applications: no better choice

Creating a new Line-of-business application on the Windows platform is never a problem. But, as before, there is only one clear solution to a certain type of problem--and the days are gone. In the past 20 years, we have had a better choice in the face of most problems. For example, Visual Basic's fast delivery or MFC native performance and functionality. There is also the speed of WinForms and the appearance of WPF. When the WinForms era was over, we

Brew advanced and proficient-3G mobile value-added business operation, customization and development-34-Pre-Installation of applications on mobile phones

Brew pre-installation is a service promotion method led by the operator to pre-provision brew applications on the mobile phone through dynamic pre-installation before the mobile phone leaves the factory. Brew pre-installation is technically divided into dynamic pre-Installation and static pre-installation. Static pre-installation refers to the compilation and release of applications as part of the system

ebay: Using MongoDB to create business-critical multi-Datacenter applications

commercial hardware platforms rather than previous Sun Solaris/sparc. Commercial hardware is relatively inexpensive, but the frequency of problems is relatively high. These factors have a substantial impact on the software team's perception of usability. This is also the original intention of ebay to create the "Flex design Pattern", which is to create the best database system to maximize average failure time (MTTF) while minimizing average recovery

On "business" Factors in software projects

cannot do. In a software team of dozens or even hundreds of people, effective collaboration has become a headache. To solve this problem, we need to clearly define and correctly manage the development process. Think that some factors are less important than other factors and will put your software team in trouble. Because these factors are indispensable,Just like a person who wants to walk requires tw

Control costs and resolve enterprise ADSL business applications

Asypolicric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a high-speed user access method that connects to CHINANET in the Chinese public multimedia communication network through ADSL, it is a technology that provides broadband data services through common copper-core telephone lines. ADSL uses existing twisted-pair copper wires (common telephone lines). The above and downlink asymmetric transmission rates are connecte

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