common cisco switch commands

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Summary of common Cisco switch commands

Common commands for Cisco switches -- set the switch Password A. Change the remote TELNNET Password Switch#configureterminal Switch(config)#linevty04 Switch(config-line

Cisco MD9148 Storage Switch Common commands

timeoutSwitch (config) # line consoleSwitch (config-console) # Exec-timeout 60Switch (config) # line vtySwitch (config-line) # Exec-timeout 603. Installation and removal licenseswitch# Install license Bootflash:license-fileswitch# Clear License License-fileswitch# Clear License All4. Disable and enable Telnet and SSHswitch# Config TSwitch (config) # no Telnet server enableSwitch (config) # Telnet Server enableswitch# Config TSwitch (config) # SSH server enableSwitch (config) # no SSH server ena

Cisco switch Common Commands

(config) #ip default-gateway; Set default gatewaySwitch (config) #ip domain-name set the domain nameSwitch (config) #ip name-server set up the name serverSwitch (config) #mac-address-table? To view Mac-address-table subcommandsSwitch (config) #mac-address-table aging-time 100 setting Time-Out is 100msSwitch (config) #mac-address-table permanent 0000.0C01.BBCC F0/3 join permanent address on F0/3 PortSwitch (config) #mac-address-table restricted static 0000.0C02

Basic commands for Cisco switch configuration

EtherChannel sum view "Port aggregation/link Bundle #sh int port-channel View" Port aggregation/link Bundle #show spanning-tree view spanning tree status#show access-list View rule status#show History View Historical input commands#show errdisable Recovery see which protections can be automatically recovered after a timeout#showerrdisable Detect ? View err-disabled reason for the state6. Configure the IP of the VLANS (config) #int VLAN 6S (Config-vla

Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 2. Common commands

Introduction after you log in to the CISCO switch, we will need to use some common operations, such as querying, restarting, and so on, where some of the commonly used operations are grouped together. Query HelpIn different modes, we can enter the question mark directly (? You can query all the commands that you can us

Switch basic commands (CISCO+HW)

Division fa/ One-20 port is vlan20switch (config-if-range) #exitSwitch #show VLAN View VLANCISCO layer-3Configure the IP address of the VLAN10 and Vlan20 so that vlan10 and Vlan20 can communicate with each other. Switch (config) #InterfaceVlan10 into Vlan10Switch (config-VLAN10) #ip Address192.168.1.1 the IP address of the Vlan10 Switch (config-vlan10) #exitSwitch (config) #Interface

Cisco mds9222i Fibre Switch most commonly used debug commands

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------INTERFACE VSAN FCID PORT name NODE name--------------------------------------------------------------------------------FC1/3 1 0x7500ef 50:06:01:64:3c:e0:32:e7 50:06:01:60:bc:e0:32:e7SUP-FC0 1 0x750000 10:00:00:05:73:ad:2a:01 20:00:00:05:73:ad:2a:00SUP-FC0 2 0x0a0000 10:00:00:05:73:ad:2a:01 20:00:00:05:73:ad:2a:00SUP-FC0 3 0x8b0000 10:00:00:05:73:ad:2a:01 20:00:00:05:73:ad:2a:00SUP-FC0 4 0xc00000 10:00:00:05:73:ad:2a

Some Cisco switch commands learn

Tags: Cisco switchBasic configuration and management of switches• Technical Principles• The switch is managed in two basic ways: in-band management and out-of-band management.• The console port management switch through the switch is out-of-band management, which does not occupy the network port of the

Classic instances of two common cisco switch fault recovery schemes

I believe that many users who use cisco routers have encountered such problems. It does not matter. Next we analyze two common troubleshooting methods for cisco switches. The organization bought a new cisco switch a few days ago, with the WS-X6548-GE-TX,

Common traffic control and anti-DDoS problems of cisco switch Security

Cisco switch security common traffic control and anti-DDoS problems. Recently, cisco switch security has been favored by many friends. Let's have a deep understanding of cisco switch se

Cisco switch commands

* Common commands for Cisco routers * 1? Exec? Commands :?

Common maintenance commands for Cisco ipvst6000/5000 vswitches

The Catalyst 6000 series and Catalyst 5000 Series LAN switches are powerful, including many usage and maintenance commands. Below are several common commands and simple descriptions. For all maintenance commands, see the related manual provided with the hardware device. 1. Port Settings Set port name Set port name mod

Common configuration commands for Cisco Routers

Cisco plays a very important role in vro enterprises. It is very important to know some knowledge about common configuration commands of Cisco vrouters. So I studied how to use common configuration commands for

Common Cisco configuration commands and Parameters

) # ^ zConfigurationNovell IPX Routing Protocol: Novell RIP is updated once every 60 secondsRouter (config) # ipx routing [node address]Router (config) # ipx maximum-paths Paths Router (config) # interface Type PortRouter (config-if) # ipx network Network-Number [encapsulation-type] [secondary] Router (config-if) # ^ zConfigurationDDR:Router (config) # dialer-list Group-Number protocol Protocol-Type permit [list ACL-Number]Router (config) # interface bri 0Router (config-if) # dialer-group Group-

Cisco router common configuration commands Daquan A-X

Access-enable allows the router to create a temporary access list entry in the dynamic access list Access-group: Apply the access control list (ACL) to the interface. Access-List defines a standard IP ACL Access-template manually replaces the temporary access list entry on the connected vro Appn sends commands to the Appn Subsystem ATM sig executes ATM signaling commands B. Manually boot the Operating Syste

Cisco switches common Commands

Switch command Switch> User mode 1: Enter privileged mode enable Switch> Enable switch# 2: Enter global configuration mode configure terminal Switch> Enable Switch#configure Terminal S

Some common operational commands for Cisco routers

configurationRouter>enableRouter#configure TerminalRouter (config) #interfiguer f0/0Router (config-if) #ip address (config-if) #no shutdownThen back into privileged modeRouter#write Memory for storageThen test if you can ping the IP of the serverRouter#ping make a copy.Router#copy Running-config TFTPAddress or name of the remote host[]? enter the IP of the server after the question markThen leave the default hit enter to finish.4. Route

Common configuration commands for LAN switch Maintenance

Common configuration commands for LAN switch MaintenanceFor the following information about LAN switch maintenance, please explain the Common commands in a blank space. LAN switches have evolved from a HUB-based LAN shared in the

Cisco Common Commands

Show platform Stack-manager All show information for all swap stacksShow switch displays summary information for the stack switchShow Switch 1 shows information for a switchShow Switch Detail displays information about the stack member detailsShow switch Neighbors displays full information about the stacked neighborsSh

Juniper EX8200 Series Switch Configuration common commands

, etc. are configured under ge-0/0/0.02. This manual configuration command format is to use Edit to enter the menu hierarchy to be configured by edit, and then use the SET command to set the relevant parameters, so look at the configuration command manual prompt can know which level of configuration parameters, such as the following [Edit system Services] is to display the services parameters under configuration system, all set commands are in effect

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