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List of common virus terms encountered during computer use

Boot sector The hard drive, the floppy drive, and the logical drive (after partitioning) all have boot sector information stored. Refer to Partition table, Master Boot record, and Multi-partite virus. Boot sector or MBR virus A virus that can affect a fixed boot sector or floppy drive. Any formatted hard disk (even if it is empty, or contains only some data) c

Common methods of computer anti-virus

if the network, the file has been uploaded to the hands of intruders.PE system Antivirus is very good, the virus can say no fight back, but should be a few specific antivirus software can be run in PE. In general, first in the safe mode of anti-virus, if not solve the problem, you can run specific anti-virus software in the PE.And the MBR

Create a virus hunter to show you how to capture computer virus samples

that the virus is a MS Word macro virus, copy the "normal. dot" file in the C: Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeTemplates directory and all the files in the C: Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeStartup directory to the floppy disk. If you suspect that the virus is a Microsoft Excel macro virus, copy all files in the XLST

Basic Computer Virus identification knowledge

family. For example, the family names of the famous CIH virus are unified "CIH ", in addition, the family name of the recently popular wannacache worm is "Sasser ". A virus suffix is a variant of a virus. It is used to distinguish a variant of a specific family of viruses. Generally, 26 letters are used for representa

Computer Virus features

destruction. Viruses have predefined trigger conditions, which may be time, date, file type, or certain data. When a virus is running, the trigger mechanism checks whether the specified conditions are met. If the conditions are met, the system starts the infection or damage action to infect or attack the virus. If the conditions are not met, the virus continues

What is computer virus?

modifying the disk sector information or file content and embedding itself into it, the virus program can infect and spread the virus, the embedded program is called the Host Program. ● Destructive Most computer viruses are destructive to different programs during the attack, and sometimes interfere with the normal operation of

Correct 14 computer virus detection and removal errors

delays, data damages, and other more serious consequences. Therefore, a complete anti-virus system should be selected, which should not only include common virus detection and anti-virus functions, but also include real-time anti-virus functions, it can monitor and track va

[Reprinted] Rayman trojan also carries multiple "98" Virus File Names

Virus Information Archival: ======================================== Xinhuanet, Beijing, September 11, February 20, a camel Trojan download tool, CAP (Trojan. DL. win32.mnless. CAP) "the virus is worth noting this week. Its authors are a bit superstitious. Even the names of the released virus files are" 98989898 (w

Computer virus detection and removal

, a complete anti-virus system should be selected, which should not only include common virus detection and anti-virus functions, but also include real-time anti-virus functions, it can monitor and track various operations on files in real time. Once a

Tips on how to hide computer letter names and folder names

This article is mainly to share with you how to hide the computer letter name and folder names of the small tips, these two tips simple and not simple, interested friends, as long as the following graphic demonstration to do several times, I believe that can soon learn, I hope to give you more practical computer skills. Let's take a look at this

The mistaken understanding of computer virus

serious consequences. So, you should choose a perfect anti-virus system, it should not only include common search and kill virus functions, but also include real-time anti-virus function, can real-time monitoring, tracking the various operations of the file, once the virus

Graduation thesis-How to prevent the computer network virus _ Graduation Thesis

Summary of computer viruses in the network, such as mail viruses, worms and Trojans and other types of viruses and the characteristics of the relationship between the common message virus and the example. At the same time, according to the current computer virus development

Computer Virus Prevention and Control and Information Security

also pay attention to the running status of anti-virus software. Question 13: How can I ensure computer security when I use my computer? A: The protection of common users should first be updated and upgraded from time to time using anti-virus software and firewall suitable

Computer Virus hazards and symptoms

. Therefore, virus compatibility is poor, which often causesCrash.7. Computer Viruses cause severe psychological pressure on usersAccording to statistics from related computer sales departments, after-sales computer users suspect that "computers have viruses" and ask for advice, which accounts for more than 60% of the

How to check if the computer is in the virus?

The easiest way to check a computer virus is to use newer anti-virus software to fully detect the disk. The following is a small compilation of computer virus inspection methods for everyone to reference, I hope we can have some harvest! How to discover new viru

Computer anti-virus record

Some days ago a classmate computer infected with a ferocious virus, looking for me to see, the scene is very solemn and tragic: the bottom right corner of the screen is constantly popping bad ads, the system icon part of the changes, more computers out of many programs, CPU occupancy rate 100%, the mouse keyboard is almost unusable.The process of antivirus is time-consuming, from 10 o'clock in the morning t

Computer Virus description, prevention and recovery

Determine if your computer is infected with a virus, worm, or Trojan, how to recover from the infection, and how to prevent future viruses. A computer virus is an executable file that can copy itself and escape detection. Viruses may escape detection by disguising themselves as legitimate programs. Viruses are frequent

How to prevent the basic knowledge of computer virus

With the development of the network, the dissemination of information more and more quickly, but also to the spread of the virus to facilitate, the popularity of the internet makes the virus in the overnight spread around the world possible. Now, almost every computer user has been infected with the virus experience. E

Personal Summary of computer anti-virus knowledge

Personal Summary of computer anti-virus knowledge Common computers may have been infected with viruses. computer viruses are troublesome nowadays. This is not a computer problem, but a virus problem. The damage and attachment capa

A manual anti-virus attack on the computer of the phone chain store of Dickson

into details about using one-click Ghost backup. (4) Clear suspicious and virus-loaded services Run the command again to start the autoruns program. In the autoruns main window, click "Services", as shown in 3. You can see many Services that cannot find files, some names are very similar to normal service names and files. They delete suspicious services and

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