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[Reprint] Efficient MacBook working environment configuration

Original: MacBook Working Environment configurationposted on August 1, 2015 by Xialeizhou This document records the entire configuration process, for new MacBook and find the MacBook more difficult to use

Why does MacBook install Windows so hot?

Does your Mac want to install Windows anyway? This has been a controversial topic for a long time. As long as you often browse the domestic some well-known Mac forum, you will find that there are not only a variety of Mac installed Windows teaching

Macbook Pro Install Tex and texeditor and common issues (keep updating)

texlive versus MiktexBoth of them is based on Tex.(MacTeX is wrapper in texlive distribution of Tex and opens to Mac system, while Miktex I s for Windows system.)In recent versions, the differences between MiKTeX and TeX Live has narrowed, package

Non-destructive installation of leopard + XP dual-system on MacBook (three-segment XP)

Non-destructive installation of leopard + XP dual-system on MacBook (three-segment XP) Unique visitor Recently bought mb466ch/a, pre-installed with leopard, but due to daily work needs to decide to install another XP. After using Boot Camp to

17 ways to solve Mac common problems

Macs are very reliable and stable computers, but that doesn't mean they don't go wrong, they're not bad, they're not stupid. We've summed up some of the Mac's "Ah-oh" shots and told you how to deal with them and prevent them from happening again.

Solutions to 17 common problems of Apple Mac computer

 With the development of the Times, Apple Mac with its beautiful appearance and the stability of the system to seize the hearts of more and more users. Macs are very reliable and stable computers, but that doesn't mean they don't go wrong, they're

What are the MacBook shortcut keys?

Apple's new 12-inch MacBook , released in March this year, has been on sale, with a slim and cool look popular, of course, with many users from Windows to the Mac camp. Many accustomed to Windows operating habits of users in the hands of the Mac

2017-2018-2 20179204 "Network attack and Defense practice" First week learning summary of the Linux Foundation

I studied the basic Linux Basics course in the lab building, where I made a learning summary. Introduction to the first section of Linux systems This section focuses on what Linux is, what it's like, how it's going, what's important, what'

Ways to find the root cause of exc_bad_access problems

Original address: It is not scary to write programs that encounter bugs, most of which are not difficult to find because of simple Log or code analysis. However, when encountering

Some problems in the use of Netstat and lsof under MacOS

[-= blog Directory =-] 1-related instructions 1.1-Blog Introduction 1.2-netstat and Lsof 2-Learning process 2.1-netstat 2.2-lsof 2.3-netstat and lsof differences and associations 3-

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