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Network protocol complements-get/post differences, common protocols, and ports

The difference between get and post requests. 1, when the browser fallback and refresh, get harmless, but post will resubmit the data 2, get can be bookmarked, and post can not 3, get can be cached by the browser, and post can not 4. The encoding type of the GET request is application/x-www-form-urlencoded The encoding type of the POST request can be application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart/form-data 5, get parameters for the existence of browsing history, and post does not 6, get the url

Python detects service names via ports and protocols

Find the service name with the specified port and protocol if you want to find a network service, it is best to know which port the service is running on TCP or UDP protocol. If you know the port that the Network service uses, you can call the Getservbyport () function in the socket library to get the name of the service.Technical Point decomposition:1, define the Find_service_name () function, note the code indentation in the function2, Getservbyport (Port,port_type), through the port lookup se

Mail protocols and Ports

Hair SMTP SSL - Port 993 port is for imaps ( imap-over-ssl ) protocol service open, used to receive mail , ratio IMAP is more secure 465 port ( smtps ): 465 port is for smtps ( smtp-over-ssl smtp more security. Summary:Through the different protocols and port protocols, we have different ways of handling mail, in order to facilitate I think the IMA

How to use IPSec to block specific network protocols and ports

through the local registry or group policy object (GPO. To do this, run Setup.exe from the SupportTools folder on Windows 2000 CD to install Netdiag.exe.2. Open the Command Prompt window and set the working folder to C: Program FilesSupport Tools.3. Run the following command to verify that an existing IPSec Policy is specified for the computer:Netdiag/test: ipsecIf no policy is specified, you will receive the following message:IP Security test ......: Passed IPSec policy service is active, but

Protocols and ports used by Windows Server Failover Cluster

Protocols and ports used by Windows Server Failover ClusterThe Windows server Cluster service, the Cluster service, is used to control server cluster operations and to manage the internal flat file database of the cluster. A cluster is a collection of standalone servers that are combined and serve as a separate entity for external service. The cluster that the user sees is a separate system. If a node fails

Understanding Open Source protocols: common open source protocols

Open source is already widely used in today's software industry, but does open source mean that users can do whatever they want to do with open source code? The answer is no. Open-source sports also have their own game rules and ethics. Failing to comply with these rules will not only damage the healthy development of the open source movement, but also cause reputational and market losses to violators, and more likely fall into legal disputes and compensation. There are many open-source

Comparison of common communication protocols in Java

Comparison of common communication protocols in Java--Reprint:Compare RMI,Hessian,Burlap,httpinvoker,Web service The transmission performance of 5 kinds of communication protocols in different data structures and different data volumes.1. IntroductionRMIIs the Java language itself provides a remote communication protocol, stable and efficient, is the basis of EJB

Common windows ports

Server" (Microsoft Media Server (MMS). This protocol is a Streaming Media Protocol published by Microsoft, the MMS protocol can be used to transfer and play streaming Media files on Windows Media Servers over the Internet. These files include. asf and. wmv files. You can use Media playing software such as Windows Media Player for real-time playback. Specifically, port 1755 can be divided into TCP and udp mms protocols, namely, MMST and MMSU. Generall

Common network protocols in browsers

Common network protocols in browsers In fact, browsers need to deal with various network protocols to complete various WEB application functions. HTTP is only one of them. This article describes common network protocols in browsers and their relationships. We often hear the

Three Common network protocols: NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, and TCP/IP

Q: What are the NetBEUI and IPX/SPX TCP/IP protocols ?? In particular, the first two are sometimes installed, and sometimes they are not installed. Why ?? What are their differences and uniqueness? When must I install it? A: A lot of netizens asked this question. I have consulted and integrated the relevant information here to give you a detailed explanation. The network Protocol is a special software and the most basic mechanism for a computer networ

Common network protocols

easiest way to exchange files between computers and networks. FTP is also an application protocol standard that applies the TCP/IP protocol, just like the HTTP and SMTP of the e-mail that delivers the display file. FTP is usually used to upload a webpage from the Creator to the server for use, while uploading and downloading files from the server is also very common. As a user, you can use FTP on a very simple DOS interface, or update (delete, rename

Practical article: Detailed Analysis of Common Open Source protocols

languages. By using source code and documents, you can understand the architecture of the entire software and the implementation methods of a specific function. Object Code refers to the object code generated after the source code is compiled, similar to the "class library". It provides various interfaces for others to use. According to my understanding, it is something like common DLL, ActiveX, OCX controls. (I don't know if this is correct) The pur

Common understanding of TCP/IP network protocols

The common understanding of TCP/IP network protocols was developed some time ago. network programming was involved and the development process was smooth. However, after the task was completed, I always felt a bit confused. The main reason is that you are not familiar with network protocols and are not clear about some concepts. Later, I spent some time learning

Detailed analysis of Common Open Source protocols

languages. By using source code and documents, you can understand the architecture of the entire software and the implementation methods of a specific function. Object Code refers to the object code generated after the source code is compiled, similar to the "class library". It provides various interfaces for others to use. According to my understanding, it is something like common DLL, ActiveX, OCX controls. (I don't know if this is correct) The pur

Five Common Remote Call protocols in j2ee

This article compares the transmission performance of five communication protocols, including RMI, Hessian, Burlap, Httpinvoker, and web service, in different data structures and data volumes. RMI is a remote communication protocol provided by the java language. It is stable and efficient and is the basis of EJB. However, it can only be used for communication between JAVA programs. Hessian and Burlap are open source

Common network video camera transmission protocols

connection-oriented network services, designed to provide a reliable end-to-end byte stream on an unreliable interconnected network. The TCP protocol usually requires multiple "handshakes" between the server and the client to establish a connection,Therefore, the overhead of audio and video streams with strong real-time performance in TCP transmission is high.If the network is unstable, audio and video jitter is obvious.. The reliability is often used to transmit Network Camera management comma

Analysis of Common three network protocols

Analysis of the three common network protocols TCP/IP is undoubtedly one of the most important of the three protocols. As the basic protocol of the Internet, it is impossible to access the Internet without it, any Internet-related operations are inseparable from the TCP/IP protocol. However, the TCP/IP protocol is also the most troublesome configuration among the

Knowledge about three common protocols of IP routing: RIP, OSPF, and OSPF

may depend on the number of forwarding times between nodes, the current network running status, data transmission rate, and topology. To find the optimal path, Each router needs to communicate with each other through the routing protocol. The routing protocol is only used to collect data about the current status of the network and find the optimal transmission path. Based on the data, the router can create a route table for future packet forwarding. In addition to the ability to find the optim

Five Common Open Source protocols

There are many open source protocols, and there are currently 58 open source protocols approved by the Open Source Initiative Organization ( open-source protocols such as BSD, GPL, lgpl, and MIT are OSI-approved protocols

Analysis of the most common open source protocols

most common license mode in the Open Source world. GPL guarantees the rights of all developers and provides users with the right to copy, distribute, and modify: Free ReplicationYou can copy the software to your computer, your customer's computer, or anywhere. There is no limit on the number of copies. Free DistributionDownload from your website, copy it to a USB flash drive, or print the source code out of the window (please do not do this for

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