common web analytics metrics

Learn about common web analytics metrics, we have the largest and most updated common web analytics metrics information on

Google Analytics Thermal Diagram: Page details analysis

What is Google's Analytics hot-try? Google Analytics Hot Try is a new version of the Web page click Volume Visualization tool, called the page Details Analysis report, she through the intuitive way to show the visitor in the page of the click

Google Analytics Common problems in use (V)

Google Analytics FAQ Series continues to update, this week mainly to solve the use of some of the details of the problem. For example: Some keywords of the number of visits is 0, which in most reports the amount of data is not large, even if the

Web Analytics: User access, content browsing, and traffic sources

When we use some web analytics tools, we find that general reports are divided into three main modules: User Access、 Content BrowsingAnd Flow Source。 Each category consists of a variety of analysis metrics that make up a variety of presentation

Common problems with Google Analytics in use (Iv.)

After summarizing 5 common questions, the fourth article in this series comes out. When I wrote this article, I was thinking that until now we had so many problems when we used Google Analytics, what kind of way do we usually use this tool? What

Using Google Analytics and website operation optimization

1. What is Google Analytics?Google's official explanation is: Google Analytics shows you how people find and browse your website and how you can improve the user experience. Improve your website's ROI, increase conversion, and get more benefits

Common problems with Google analytics (II.)

This is the second of the FAQ series in Google Analytics, thanks to all my friends who share the questions in the mail, I may not be able to answer your questions one at a time, but I will classify all the problems, publish them in the form of

Google Analytics Report Interpretation

  Google Analytics (analytics) divides all its reports into six categories: consoles, visitors, traffic sources, content, goals, and E-commerce . The console is the summary of the report summary. The goal is the website analyst in order to better

11 Google Analytics tips to use in your site

What are the most common problems that webmaster friends get in social media, forums, or email links every day? How do you use Google Analytics data correctly in your Web site? Because many webmasters although in Google Analytics (analysis) have an

Explore the most common metrics for e-commerce sites: Abandonment Rate

"Introduction" To some extent, E-commerce can be said to be the meaning of web analytics. This article explores one of the most common metrics for e-commerce sites: Abandonment Rate. Direct E-commerce analysis is less involved in this blog area,

Using PHP to get Web data analytics into a higher realm _php

Count your data analysis, do more things than simple primitive counting Effective and multi-layered analysis of web data is a key factor in the survival of many web-oriented enterprises, and the design (and decision-making) of data analysis and

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