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Programmers need stronger communication and coordination skills-they may be more important to common employees and effective communication skills than technical skills

Recently, I have fully felt that,ProgramThe communication and communication skills of members are too important, or even more important than technical skills. Many programmers are used to being bored with problems. 1:There are some difficult things that cannot be discussed with the leaders.-- If you don't ask a co

PHP Socket communication-UDP communication instance _ php skills-php Tutorial

This article mainly introduces the UDP communication method of PHP Socket communication, and analyzes the related skills of php socket-based UDP communication, for more information about PHP Socket communication, see the following example. Share it with you for your referenc

Effective communication skills

Complete communication process: face-to-face communication is the best way to send, receive, and feedback information. The communication process is a complete two-way communication process: the sender needs to send the information, thoughts, and emotions he wants to express to the receiver through language. When the r

Project management study notes 5. Communication and coordination skills I

floor. He took a banana and asked the patient, "who can tell me what this is ?"All the patients said they did not know. Suddenly another patient raised his hand. "It's a banana"The President asked: "what is the use ?""Food"The dean asked, "How do you eat it ?" "Peel off and eat""Well, you are the building manager on the second floor"The Dean came to the third floor, and he took one (not remembering it )......That ......There is a big horn and a rattle (child)That's... what is that?(The Doctor a

One of the top 7 soft skills necessary for a leading freelancer: communication

view, whether you start a business, a freelance job, or a working white-collar, who can master these soft skills, who can run in front of others.  One of the soft skills: communicationPeople freelance web designers to deal with customers, communication is the necessary skills. And often freelancers and customers in th

Team communication skills

Project Teams in the software industry rely on communication. In the project, there is no difference in how to emphasize communication. In fact, we can find the root cause of most problems in communication. For example, many of us have a feeling at work that there are always gray areas in our work, these fuzzy points lead to discord in our work. It can be clearly

Six communication skills that every child should know)

Http:// "One night I attended a party and was intercepted in a corner. This person kept talking to me. I tried to give him a signal, suggesting that he would not continue, but he did not receive it. It's annoying ." It is one of the most important tasks for parents to teach their children how to communicate politely and effectively. It is a big mistake to think that a child can learn correct communi

To do operations, you need to know these communication skills

People who work in the business often laugh at themselves and do chores, and it is true that the job usually does something very trivial. In the actual operation of operations, we need to work with other departments to improve operational efficiency and achieve operational objectives.In cooperation with various departments, communication is very important, good communication can often make the cooperation m

How to improve communication skills

The so-called improvement of communication ability is nothing more than two aspects: one is to improve the ability to understand others, and the other is to increase the possibility of others to understand themselves. So how can we improve our communication skills? After research, psychologists have proposed a general program to improve the

Job Search vs recruitment-communication skills

allows the other party to feel that you have fully managed your time. More importantly, you have provided yourself with a preparation time and direction by asking about the interview content. For example, you can repeat your resume and think about the highlights of each work experience, what are the disadvantages of your resume? (for example, if there are too many job-hopping jobs, the most common problems for young people nowadays). How should we deal with them? If it is a technical intervie

Managing phone communication skills from a bit of a glance

Recent project work involves working with multi-party hardware and software service providers, exposing many of our communication problems are summarized as follows: Unclear communication purpose, no preparation before communication, resulting in communication failure to achieve the desired effect; Delay

Talk about interaction designers and development communication skills

In a project or version development process, the interaction designer 50% of the time in communication, 40% of the time in thinking, 10% of the time in writing documents. Of course, just a ballpark figure, different workflows may be slightly different. Thus, communication is a very important skill for the interaction designer. Prophase with Product Manager, visual commu

Project Manager desk manual Study Series [20]-improve your communication skills

Communication is not just about speaking, but about speaking and listening. Therefore, it only involves one aspect of communication issues, instead of listening skills. There are five factors that affect whether a person is a good communicator or a poor communicator. They are self-concept, listener, clear expression, anger and self-disclosure. 1. Self-concept One

Programmers should focus on improving their communication skills

so confused, you should have become the CEO of a startup company now !) What I want to emphasize here is the communication capability.For most programmers, after they pass the fizz-Buzz level capability test, they seem quite good. But it is not enough to write only the code. To grow from excellence to excellence, you must develop effective communication skills:

Meeting Communication skills

Prelude: At the meeting table to pick up a record "meeting communication skills" record, as follows1, the meeting has the logical order, successively, the primary and secondary points.2, the last three things in a year, one months the most important three things, the week the most important three things.3, communication: The meeting has a theme, do not talk about

How to improve emotional quotient and communication skills

abroad.The art of communication is a communication guide based on the results of psychological research.The core of "learning questions" and "critical thinking" is basic logical thinking. You can even use the knowledge points to write a thesis.Other books are not introduced, have put the watercress link, there is a catalogue has the public comment, useful useless you look at the office.If you could tell me

Example of a javascript parent-child page communication _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces the implementation of javascript parent-child page communication. The example analyzes the principle and related implementation skills of javascript for parent-child page communication, which has some reference value, for more information about how to implement javascript parent-child page commu

Linux study Notes-network communication commands, system shutdown, shell application skills

Network Communication commands, system shutdown, shell application tips for Linux Study Notes 1. network communication commands www.2cto. com1. send a message to an individual. this person must write the online status user name. 2. send the message to the owner. you do not need to add the user name, as long as you log on to the linux system... Network Communication

Work communication skills

mall. 5:I'm new here. I don't know. Where is the error? You are a new employee. It is not an excuse for yourself. You are a normal employee of the company. Customers do not care whether you are new or old bird. What you need to do is to handle the matter well. If you really don't know how to handle it, let's talk about it and ask others what to do. Of course, to do this efficiently, the customer's time is precious. Of course, you do the same. Correct practice:You don't need to explain that you

User Experience Design: on the skills of communication in usability testing

Article Description: how to quickly release user preparedness? --talking about the skills of communication in usability testing. In general, in the process of product design and development, different user research methods are used in different stages. For example, usability testing is usually done before the product is officially released. Usability testing is to allow a group of represent

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