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Website operation: Website analysis and competitor analysis

collect a lot of back, not methodically heap into another garbage heap, and then tell others, you come up. The network can have no logic, but knowledge must be thoughtful, systematic and logical, there is such a thought of the site operators, is the most formidable competitor. I come from there, I want to go there, what I want to do, this is the idea of website operation. 5, the

5 Step analysis Competitor website to improve the weight of website

Do the site are aware of the analysis of competitor website is the core technology of website promotion, in order to make the site in search engines to get a better ranking, the best way is to target the analysis of competitor sit

Competitor Website Analysis Introduction Novice Read Farewell to the rookie era

final content pages need several times? Two or three times can you handle it? F, whether each page uses the H1 and H2 label, whether the label contains keywords. (The H1 and H2 's magic is understood in the station optimization) G, the site navigation using what is the way, is JS script, flash, pictures and so on spiders can not crawl the technical means? After reading these points you can have a general idea of the competitive site optimization after the site optimization of the

On the competitor analysis before the website SEO

Dongguan Tidal SEO is a straightforward person, like to be straight to the point. Today to give you an analysis of SEO a little bit of knowledge. On site SEO before the competitor analysis. After we've done the keyword digging, analyzing, and selecting, we're going to do a competitor

Analysis of competitor keywords to improve website ranking

1. Website domain name historyThere is a saying that the longer the website domain name takes in the weight ranking algorithm, there will be a certain advantage. This is why a domain name has received much attention in the last year's Bo Baiyou competition. So here I will start with this. By querying the domain name and site creation time of the site and the site time I optimized are both 09 years. Ther

Website Optimization Competitor Analysis

In the early days of our website operation we need to determine the core keywords and target keywords, the site after we determine the keywords we want to analyze these keywords of the competitor website, here to Baidu search engine optimization For example, the key word to Eagle bathroom as an example: First we identified our key words for the eagle bathroom, t

Analysis on the concept of website traffic statistics and website visit

of website traffic information;(2) Website traffic trend analysis;(3) Compare and analyze with competitor when data is available;(4) Analysis of user access behavior;(5) Web site

Several traffic statistics websites are recommended. You can use traffic analysis to manage your website.

1. Google Analytics Google analysis: 2. Free website traffic statistics _ commercial media STATISTICS _ advertising alliance _ Data Expert Cnzz Data Expert: 3. Quantum Statistics-free website traffic statistics,

Analysis of CNZZ website traffic statistics principles and cnzz traffic statistics

Analysis of CNZZ website traffic statistics principles and cnzz traffic statisticsThis is my domain name, which has no content for the moment, only one page index.html,The following js script is placed on index.html:1. When you access this page, you will request src, corresponding to the source file of

Website traffic analysis indicators-PV/UV/PR/IP analysis and differences

Several analysis indicators (PV/UV/PR) 1. What is PV? PV (page view) is the page views or clicks. It is usually the main indicator used to measure an online news channel, a website, or even a piece of online news. The explanation of PV is that a visitor looks at several pages of your website within 24 hours (. It should be emphasized that when one person bro

The importance of website traffic analysis for website operation

  The importance of website traffic analysis to website Operation   first, why do traffic analysis? Once your site is effectively integrated into advertising, public relations, and search engine marketing plans, you want to be ab

The influence of web marketing from website Traffic Analysis website Promotion

links I posted and the effect of the soft text what? 3, the effect of keyword ads tracking: Visitors are search which keyword to come, analysis of Baidu bidding ads and Google ads which effect better? 4、访客的站内行为:访客进入网站后,浏览了哪些网页?上线时间多少?上个访问页面是哪里?同时访问的页面?是否被邀请会话?邀请的次数,第几次登陆?最后统计出共有多少名访客,有多少名访客被邀请,有多少访客接受会话等。 According to the above four aspects, in the website promotion, the

SEO Data Analysis Skills Four: Website traffic analysis

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. For website data analysis, in addition to the above mentioned keyword ranking, content quality, chain quality of these three aspects, I believe that we are most concerned about the flow of the site, the site's traffic involved we need to pay attention to many aspects, through these different dimensions of the data

Importance of website traffic analysis on website operations

First, why do traffic analysis? Once your site is effectively integrated into advertising, public relations, and search engine marketing plans, you want to be able to test performance to see if your marketing plan works. Marketers are looking for better feedback about marketing campaigns. A good way to evaluate your return is to check your site's log data, analyze your site's

Traffic analysis of website actual combat analysis

This article is "Traffic analysis" of personal reading notes, recommendation book "Website Combat Analysis", the author is Yanping Wang, write the truth, the entire dry, no nonsense.Website traffic source channels are: direct access, recommended

Virtual Web site Transformation Funnel analysis to improve the conversion of website traffic

In Web analytics, funnel analysis is the most effective and intuitive method. Funnel analysis is very useful for the analysis of closed channels and processes in front of various key goals in the site. For example: shopping flow, registration process, consultation process. The use of funnel analysis in these processes

Common website traffic detection and analysis tools

You need a traffic statistics tool to monitor the traffic statistics and visitor sources of your website in real time to get more data analysis reports about your website. There are currently many free traffic statistics tools in

Website Traffic analysis capability is another bridge leading to master SEO

daily number of visitors to the site, and PV is to visit your site these people, in the site to see how many pages. Understand these two concepts, mainly is the website traffic is too low or the website traffic increases the process to encounter the bottleneck, how to from the IP, PV above to find the solution problem

Traffic analysis of second-line e-commerce website

This article does not want to analyze the first-line well-known e-commerce sites, but from a number of unknown electronic commerce site analysis, to see the small electric business site traffic sources in the end is where. Here are some of these days I analyze and query some of the higher flow of second-line e-commerce sites, the number of traffic, the number of

Website traffic analysis to improve marketing activities

Traffic once your site is effectively integrated into advertising, public relations, and search engine marketing plans, you want to be able to detect implementation results to see if your marketing plan works. Marketers are looking for better feedback about marketing campaigns. A good way to evaluate returns is to check your website log data, analyze site traffic

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